Wednesday, May 31, 2017

PREVIOUS FACEBOOK ACCOUNTS 'TomFrancois' and 'TomFreeSpeech' both gone.
I can't believe I created this BLOG way back in 2011, because Facebook kept kicking me
off for whatever reason they could think of! Mostly protecting Obama! There are almost
800 posts on here from back then! Well I am back to revive this Blog for reasons below.

I have been suspended time after time from Facebook for a month each time, and I am
only back on for a few days before they suspend me again! Not for threats, as I never ever
do that. No nudity. They suspend me for reporting TRUE negative reports about Muslims
or Illegal Aliens! They are the good guys, I am the bad guy in Zuckerberg's opinion! I can't
seem to win against him. Someone in Facebook has targeted me and just waits for my page
to become active again and within 3 days I am gone.  I guess maybe this is my best option
for now. Hopefully my friends will come here now and then as well as tell others about it.
We shall see how it goes. THANKS! Tom

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