Saturday, July 9, 2011

WHAT???? Explain that to me again?

I'm still trying to put this in some perspective that makes some sense! Numerous US cities and states have basically told the Feds "screw you" and given Illegal Mexican Aliens sanctuary, to which the Feds did NOTHING! But we in Arizona pass SB1070 to try to enforce existing Federal Law, and we get sued by that same Federal Government! Anybody? (made me laugh just reading it)


NATIONAL DEBT REAL TIME CLOCK! Mind Numbing! And the Democrats want to RAISE it! Dear Lord, please deliver us from this EVIL, Amen!  Click Link Below, but have a pail nearby!

Top 5 Illegal Alien Destinations in America! Enjoy!

Notice To all Mexican Illegal Aliens: Now that you've mastered climbing the new Nogales fence in under 30 seconds, here are five exciting destinations for you to consider re-locating to, including "Safe Haven", Connecticut! These are all no fuss locations where you can freely break the law without impunity! So enjoy! I know they will enjoy all of you, and your cousins, etc... And please, bypass Arizona as you travel!


Here is ABSOLUTE PROOF that Obama ordered Holder and Ogden and ATF to implement "Fast and Furious" in March 2009! Yet they are all trying to pass the buck! Heads should ROLL over this! There is no question anymore about what OBAMA knew! He knew it all! When will justice be served on this moron?

Call them what they are: ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINALS!

Ladies and Gentlemen! This is NOT a migrant! This is an Illegal Alien climbing the brand new fence into Nogales Arizona in less than 30 seconds. Below, there's one climbing the old fence. Let's call them what they are. Criminals! The new "bar style" fence was even easier for them because it gave them something to grab on to as they climbed! maybe electrify it? (Oh Oh, Here comes the ACLU and Environmentalist hit squad)

Friday, July 8, 2011

All Hail Chairman Mao-Bama!

Do you realize that Obama seriously considered completely bypassing Congress to (1) Enact Obamacare (2) Raise the debt ceiling (3) Enact the Dream Act! The ARROGANCE of this man! Just who the hell does he thing he is? Chairman Mao-Bama? He is leaning towards totalitarianism!

Wow! 400 new jobs per state! EUREKA!

OBAMA CREATED 18,000 JOBS! WOW! Let's see...that's 400 jobs per state! Did YOU get one of them? Some were Government Jobs! Which really means Government Handout, because we the taxpayers (those with jobs anyway) have to pay for those jobs in taxes! Yet he STILL wants to raise taxes! On WHO? Nobody's working! (head spinning)

Illegal Aliens Supporters Desecrate US Flag!

American Citizens! When Will Enough Be Enough? AZ Police Watch as Illegal alien supporters desecrate US Flag during National Anthem at the State Capitol!  Later, people were spitting on it, standing and stomping on it, burning it with cigarettes, and even put an open toilet seat on it! One soldier who had just returned from Iraq tried to grab the flag and was thrown to the ground by the Capitol Police and Homeland Security.


                WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE

The UN going after Texas?

UN: Rick Perry and Texas violated International Law by executing a piece of crap. Ms Pillay, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights suggested the issue could reach the International Court of Justice and said "ramifications are likely to spread far beyond Texas!" Well I say to this moron and the entire UN...BRING IT ON!

Note to Obama: Please get a calculator!

Hey Obama! It's very very simple! Now listen to me very closely! We do NOT need higher taxes for ANYONE! What we need are MORE TAXPAYERS! You know, WORKERS WITH JOBS! Unemployment is 9.2% and you've got half the people who ARE working not paying a dime! Please...get a calculator...I beg you!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

One Question for my Liberal Friends

I do have one question for my liberal friends though. Just where were you when the relentless daily bashing of George Bush was taking place? Likening him to Satan and Hitler? Effigies of him hanging, and burning and tortured? That went on for 8 years! Yet not a peep from my liberal friends! Oh wait...some of you were doing the bashing!

No Respect At All for the Mexican Government!

SCREW the Mexican Government!!! What in hell have they EVER done for the US? Except send their people here illegally to get our money and send it back to them! If they really wanted to, they could STOP those Mexican citizens from crossing into the USA. Have you seen any real effort to do that? HELL NO! They want to get rid of their poor, yet reap the benefits!

Mexican Illegal Alien Murderer Gets Death!....Barely !

The Supreme Court votes 5 to 4 to allow execution!!!! That is just WAY TOO CLOSE for comfort! What the hell are the 4 Justices thinking??? What has happened to our court system! Obama asked them to consider this simply because this murdering piece of crap was a Mexican Illegal Alien! DISGUSTING!

Death Penalty for Mexican Murderer a Problem? I Think Not!

Obama: Mexican man scheduled to be executed today in Texas threatens to disrupt U.S. diplomatic relations abroad. Are you freaking kidding me? First off, this piece of crap is a cold blooded murderer! We have supported his sorry ass for 17 years on death row! What about our Border agents cold blooded murders in Mexico? International incident? Not so as you can see! What is with this president? He always cares more for foreign nationals than his own citizens!

Yet Another Photo Op for Janet "Nappy" Napolitano!

Janet Napolitano is coming to Nogales to tout upgraded security plans! PHOTO OP! She needed to do something to take the heat off Obama, Holder and ATF for effectively "selling" weapons to the drug cartels!

More guns seized from Fast and Furious debacle!

ABC 15 has uncovered facts showing another 43 weapons seized in DEA raids HERE, were guns that were sold to the Cartels via Holder and the ATF! And 4 of the men arrested were ILLEGAL MEXICAN ALIENS! And the list keeps growing! But where is the outrage? Where is the relentless pressure of the media in general? Why they are very comfy inside Obama's pocket!

He giveth...but then taketh away!

Latest Obama offer on debt ceiling fight. Get this...he will agree to make cuts in Medicare and Social Security...IF we allow him to raise taxes! WHAT??? This guy is really nuts! So he hands us money with the right hand, and then takes it right back with the left! Oh yea, that makes perfect sense to me! Just how stupid is he?

We really need to start some profiling!

Intelligence reports terrorists are trying to perfect surgically implanting bombs in order to get past the new body scanners! Let's face it! There is no way to stop these people without some profiling! We can't let them even get near an aircraft! They would drink a gallon of gasoline and glue a flint to their teeth to get the job done!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

You think this is Negative?

I've had liberal friends of mine write saying they are "tired" of the negativity!  I'm sorry that you feel that way, but the only way the negativity stops is when we vote this "negative" out of office. My views are shared by tens of millions of Americans who feel they've been sold a bill of goods, and our country is heading for complete disaster! The left stoked the flames for years to get Obama in. Now we must do the same to get him out.This is just the beginning! Much more to come!

Muslims see women as equals? NOT!

Muslims as a whole will NEVER see women as equals...until we force them! Even then, good luck with that sticking! Which makes Muslim men, who think this way, the biggest IGNORAMOUSES on the planet!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Battery Fairy!

Some Liberals actually believe their electric cars are completely green! Hello??? Just where do you think the power comes from to generate the electricity to recharge all those soon to be MILLIONS of batteries? From power plants fueled by coal, or God forbid, that nasty ole Nuclear Power you hate so much! Get a clue! Get educated!

Obama the Osama Killer.....NOT!

The real HERO in the killing of Bin Laden is a CIA agent who probably will never be the delight of Obama,,,the Osama killer! This guy relentlessly followed tips and trails for 10 years trying to find OBL! Let the real truth be known! Yet Obama and Holder are STILL going after CIA agents from 2003!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Khrushchev was correct on one point!

Khrushchev was so correct when he said America would be conquered and destroyed from within! However he was wrong, when he thought it would be them infiltrating. Turns out, our own citizens are attempting to bring our wonderful country to it's knees!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Trojan Elephant Maybe?

I am a Conservative. There are some in the GOP claiming to be as well. However, I am convinced if it walks and talks like a Democrat, it is one, regardless of what it calls itself! We might have Republicans pretending to be Conservative or you have a Trojan Elephant filled with actual Democrats! Either way, we are on to you!

Biden Ass Kissing While Warning Big Labor Unions!

SPECIFICALLY, On July 1, 2011, this is what jackass Biden said to unions: "And don't any of you, by the way, any of you guys vote Republican...I'm not supposed to say, this isn't political. ...don't come to me if you do! You're on your own, Jack! With our vision, you are the place! We stand with you, organized labor, because with you we will restore the American dream."

His Majesty, King Obama!

His Majesty, King Obama! Obama might try to raise the debt limit himself! Asked during a press conference Wednesday whether the debt limit was constitutional, the president glossed over the question, saying, "I'm not a Supreme Court justice, so I'm not going to put my constitutional law professor hat on here." But he is exploring the possibilities! Hail King Obama!

Media Bias becoming Laughable!

Media Bias Laughable! Sarah Palin mentions Paul Revere, it becomes the headline for Liberal Media for TWO DAYS! Yesterday, Obama completely screws up the name and status of a MEDAL of HONOR recipient, in public, and what does the media do? Nothing! You can see their lipstick (yes, men too) on Obama's ass!

Obama's TRIPLE WHAMMY on the US Citizens!

Still can't find a job? Thank a government worker! Since Obama took over, the size of government has ballooned! Turns out, most of the stimulus money he took from us, went to create more government jobs, which we in turn AGAIN pay for! Talk about a double whammy! And still, over 9% unemployment! Make that a triple whammy!

Obama decides which laws he likes or dislikes!

We've got a president that refuses to enforce laws that we the people have voted on, all while pushing Eric Holder to find other laws we've passed unconstitutional, if those laws hurt his political future! Look what you people have done! I hope you have come to your senses by now! Remember the following: Fool me once, shame on you! Fool me twice, I'm a complete IDIOT! Time to wise up!