Saturday, September 17, 2011

So Sorry Mr. Biden!

Sorry Biden! You're not smart enough to be a part of THIS trio!
Biden:  "Nyuk  Nyuk  Nyuk!"

After one huge failure, another Obama Quid Pro Quo

We're just now finding out about the half trillion taxpayer dollars Obama wasted on Solyndra, after the CEO heavily donated to his campaign! Now, in the same week, we are learning about yet another Obama loan guarantee of $344 Million Dollars to SolarCity, who also heavily contributed to his campaign! What the hell is going on here? These companies doled out big bucks which helped this moron get elected, so he could turn around and give them huge taxpayer funded and guaranteed loans! And, from what I'm learning, there are 15 more "Green" companies in the wings awaiting their loans!!
You cannot get much more crooked and criminal than what Obama is doing here! Until you get into "Fast and Furious" where people have actually been killed as a result! Where is the Justice Department?

Even Holder is thinking "This is really bad!"

Friday, September 16, 2011

Really Good "Political Prospects" too afraid to enter the ring!

After learning some Republicans just couldn't support McCain, my advice is I guess these days in politics, we have to choose the lesser of two evils, because we're going to end up with one of them no matter what we do. Trouble is, there's not much to choose from these days. Some really good prospects will NEVER enter the ring because the left's smear mongers do such a good job destroying innocent families! Tragic!

"Don't even THINK about opposing me!"

Biden and Obama Tried To Pull Another One Over On Us!

Obama and Biden! These two "Crooks", yes, I called them what they are, Always having their OWN agenda in mind, STOLE $528,000,000 (One Half Billion Dollars) of our money and gave it to Solyndra, against the advise of experts, because they wanted to brag about "Green" jobs and how many people it would employ! They ALWAYS do what's best for them! Screw the taxpayers! Listen to Biden bragging in this short clip!

"Don't worry, we're covered on this! We have scapegoats!"

A Huge Mistake Made in November 2008!

Unbelievable! I just wonder how many there were altogether. Herman Cain was on Mark Levin today. He said he was shocked at how many people have told him they simply didn't go vote at all in November 2008 because they just couldn't get behind McCain! These were Republicans! Hopefully they have learned a very costly lesson as well! Always vote, and Always vote for the opposite of the Democrats, lest we repeat this horrible nightmare!

His Imperial Majesty!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hey Obama! Stimulate This!

You'd better Sit down for this. First, Obama throws a half billion taxpayer dollars down the tubes with Solyndra. Then an untold amount for LightSquare internet access for 260 million people. Now, he's asking for another half trillion dollars "Jobs" stimulus, and just "happens" to have 15 more Green Job companies waiting in line for a government guaranteed startup loan! When will we cut up this idiot's credit cards?

"Don't bother me...I'm working!"

Unemployment: Are you ready for this?

Unemployment Statistics! Last week, 428,000 NEWLY laid off workers applied for unemployment benefits, making the total number of people collecting extended benefits 3.8 Million! That is unfathomable! The number has been increasing weekly under Obama's watch, and has been consistently over 400,000 new people per week for the last 20 weeks! Pretty soon, everyone in the country will be on some sort of government dole!

The lines just keep getting longer with no end in sight!

Strong Conservatives!

Our own (Arizona's) Katie Wick with Congresswoman Michele Bachmann. Two extremely smart, focused, and religious Conservatives! The left wing lunatics try to "demonize" their Faith, and make fun of them, but smart people understand that the Lord often works through various people on earth, and we really need the help right now! Barack Hussein Obama on the other hand, is being controlled by some other entity!
Powerful Women with Powerful Agendas!

Here We Go Again! Another Scandal!

As if Solyndra's recent bankruptcy and loss of taxpayer's $528 Million Dollars wasn't enough for last week, this week yet ANOTHER of Obama's "Pet Projects" where cronyism is suspected, has come under extreme scrutiny by officials! Four Star Gen. William Shelton was urged to "arrange" his testimony to Congress to make it more favorable to a company named LightSquared, which just happened to have close ties to Obama, according to Republican Rep. Mike Turner, who is chairman of the House Armed Services Committee! What? Not again! General Shelton was due to give evidence to a House subcommittee about a plan by the satellite broadband company LightSquared to provide high-speed Internet service to 260 million people. The Pentagon believes it could interfere with sensitive military GPS systems, therefore jeopardizing national security! But does Obama care? Not if he can bribe another 260 million people's votes by giving them free broadband internet!

"Nothing can stop me now!"

Mirror Mirror On The Wall...

Mirror Mirror On The Wall...Who's the Dumbest one of all? Well Mr. Obama, I'm afraid YOU are! You and your Lame Brained schemes and policies have been a complete disaster! Yet, you continue to go out and with the help of your equally dumb "Teleprompters" tell us that "This will work!" or This is paid for!" or "Things are getting better!" or my personal favorite, "This must be done immediately, or else!" But I'm afraid you have cried "Wolf" one too many times!

"Damn...I'm good looking!"

Holder and you get it now?

Eric Holder and his boss Obama consistently pushed trying terrorists in our courts. It doesn't work! Here is exactly what we warned about! Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the "Underwear Bomber", who was trying to bring down an Airliner full of US Citizens, while representing himself in a US court, is claiming he wasn't "Mirandized" before he started talking as his underwear was smoldering! He wants his words stricken from the record! You cannot give these mad man Islamic terrorists civilian rights! You must be "civil" to receive those anyway! Military Tribunal is the only forum they are worthy of!

Wanted to murder hundreds of US Citizens!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Al Gore's Theories In Trouble Once Again!

Al Gore, after painstakingly inventing the World Wide Web, undertook a campaign of misinformation and fear about alleged "Global Warming" in order to rack up billions of dollars in the process! Trouble is, his theories are not proven, and in fact are being dis-proven one at a time, by important scientists! Here's just another example of another one jumping ship because of Gore's pathetic "Sky is Falling" fiasco!

"Nobel Prize-Winning Physicist Resigns Over Global Warming"
Dr. Ivar Giaever, a former professor with Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and the 1973 winner of the Nobel Prize in physics, abruptly announced his resignation Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2011 from the premier physics society in disgust over its officially stated policy that "global warming is occurring."

When will it explode! Too many lies told!

Obama sets yet ANOTHER record on Poverty!

Another big record for Obama! The poverty rate in our country has set yet another record for Obama's failed policies reaching 15.1% according to the Census Bureau! That percentage is the highest in 17 years, with approximately 46.2 million Americans now living in poverty.  That is the highest number in 52 years of Census Bureau data. To make matters worse, the median household income also declined in 2009 and 2010. our country!

She's Preaching To Us?

I'm sorry! But Michelle Obama has one hell of a nerve preaching to the rest of the nation telling them what they should and shouldn't be eating, and telling restaurants what they should and shouldn't be serving! When you live in a glass don't throw stones! Next thing you know, she'll be preaching "Dress Code"! (see below) Hey, she opened her mouth and her opinion, so fair is fair!

Practice what you preach!

"Well...What The...???"

Just what good have they done so far?

Obama and Biden have no clue how to fix the nation's problems, and in the process, have lassoed  America and brought it to the ground! Incompetence is a term that comes to mind! The two of them together, equals zero!

"So...heh heh..what do we do now..heh heh?"

Another Tea Party Victory!

Queens NY, are you kidding me? Anthony Wiener's old seat. Democrat held since 1923! AMAZING! The Republicans have taken that seat away! Obama's influence to try to win the race had a negative affect! Even Bill Clinton's visit was a kiss of death...without the cigars! Everyone is distancing themselves from these two morons! Gee, I wonder why? Actions speak much louder than words!

"They don't love me anymore!"

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Website launched to stop personal attacks on Obama!

Man, I hope they read my entire blog! Tell them to come to my house! I'll give them an earful! Bring Obama too. I think he should hear some of this in person! I will continue to post the true facts and speak my mind about those facts. No one will scare or intimidate me to do otherwise! Period! There are thousands of Obama's people also combing the web, looking for "keywords" just like all the words I use! Bring it on!

This website is a waste of time! We already tell the truth!

Just what exactly did you expect from him?

You GOP bashing liberals are nitpicking at every single GOP candidate with "He said this back when" or "She did that back when." But when we tried to point out Obama's personal failings, like Reverend Wright, you ignored it all! And even though he had zero experience, and was a wet behind the ears junior senator, you STILL voted him in! And look what he's done! So sit back and shut the hell up! We're not listening!

"I really fooled you, huh!"

Ron Paul Blames America For 9/11 Attacks!

Ron Paul. What can I say. This man will NEVER be President...period! He continues to blame America for everything that terrorists do, including Bin Laden and the Palestinians! If he had his way, he would completely abolish our military and leave us defenseless! All of his supporters keep saying how many good ideas he has! But what does that matter in the face of this one unconscionable fact! Extremely Delusional and Dangerous Man!

Extremely Delusional and Dangerous Man!

Another "Quid Pro Quo" Gone Bust!

Well this is just more of the same corruption that Obama brought to his presidency! Solyndra, a solar energy company, after contributing heavily to Obama's campaign, received $528 MILLION in Stimulus money as a loan from Obama, even though he knew the company had problems verified by independent auditor PricewaterhouseCoopers! Still Obama went ahead with the loan KNOWING the taxpayers would take the hit if Solyndra went under...WHICH IT DID! Bye Bye to another $500 Million Taxpayer Dollars!

Also! Did you know that President Bush back burner-ed that company's request for huge loans in 2008 because of the red flags that rose about it's viability at the time? Then, only 6 days after Obama took office, it was fast-tracked by Obama and the $528 million dollar loan (by taxpayers) was approved! Gee, I wonder if the huge donations to his campaign had anything to do with that!

One more thing. Solyndra top officials PERSONALLY visited Obama's White House on four separate days just one week before the behemoth loan was granted! Even some White House Officials were warning against this loan! It was well know that China was developing the same technology for much less money! Do YOU get access to the White House when you need a loan? This is criminal! No private company should have access to the White House, especially for a self serving purpose!

Obama with Solyndra CEO and Obama Contributor!

A Clear Message From The Heavens

Mr. Obama. Someone is trying to tell you something!

Don't ignore a sign like this!

Oh Brother! Are we ever in trouble!

So this is what we've got to count on to keep our homeland safe and secure? We are in deep doo doo!

At Least Give Her An AK-47

Has Hell Frozen Over?

Miracles do happen! Today, the most liberal rag in Arizona, the Arizona Republic, actually criticized Obama for his constant "tax the rich" agenda to solve the countries economic woes! Knock me over with a feather! They went on to say it was foolish to send a jobs bill to a Republican majority congress, that has the same rhetoric in it as the bill he sent to his own Democrat dominated congress in 2009...and was refused by them!

He just REFUSES to get it!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Do you really think this will ever end?

Muslims, on the 10th anniversary of the most horrendous unprovoked attack on US citizens on our soil, were out in force condemning us, burning our flag, and threatening that the "Muslims" are coming! Signs: "Islam Will Dominate The World" ....and they mean it! Whatever it takes! Play the clip below:

When will we ever learn? They are the enemy!

Powerful Message!

They should post this cartoon in every classroom!

Obama will NEVER reduce Income Taxes! Why?

Why Won't Obama simply cut Income Taxes???? It's really very simple! Because it wouldn't help his voting base one bit! Those are the 45 million Americans who pay NO "income" tax whatsoever! There's your answer! Instead, he'll cut "Payroll" taxes, which are the funds that they should pay that are supposed to go into supporting their future Social Security! See? That way, his base pays absolutely NO taxes whatsoever!

"Don't worry...they'll NEVER figure it out!"

The Future of the Wild West!

If we don't defeat Muslim Extremists, here's what our future cowboys can look forward to!

You Want To Talk About Saddle Sores?

Sincere Grief vs. Usual Arrogance!

There they stood...side by the 9/11 Memorial on September 11, 2011, 10 years after that horrific unprovoked attack on innocent people. Bush, head bowed in total reverence and remembrance to the event. Obama, with his head up in his usual arrogant style. A worth a thousand words! Unlike Mr. Obama, Mr. Bush drew a cheer from those who remembered him shouting through a bullhorn atop the smoldering rubble. May God bless all those who perished that fateful day, as well as their families and friends!

A picture is indeed worth a thousand words!

"We will NEVER EVER Forget!

Liberal Dead Giveaway!

Facebook Liberal Radar: It's so simple. I post an anti-Obama comment about his destructive policies, and I get a comment decrying my behavior and trying to argue my point. I can't figure out where they're coming from UNTIL I look at their profile, and scroll down to "television" where I see "Bill Maher", John Stewart", "The Colbert Report", "Chis Matthews", MSNBC"........'Nuff said!

No Caption Necessary

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Maxine Waters lets the "S" Word Slip Out!

This is rich! This mush for brains congresswoman Maxine Waters thinks she is "The Boss of Everyone!", just like Obama does! The arrogance! Here she "accidentally" let's her Socialism agenda slip out! You've got to watch this 40 seconds of very revealing video! Watch her colleagues smirking behind her back at the very end! Then, Please! Please tell me how in the world this moron got elected...and RE-ELECTED!       

Click to watch...40 seconds:

Not ONE working brain cell!

Muslims have real mental issues!

Let me just put this in perspective. They call us Infidels...unfit and unworthy to live on the same planet as they, so all non-Muslims must be killed! They desecrate our flag, they hang our leaders in effigy, they spew horrendous hate speech at us, they strap bombs to themselves killing innocent women and children, fly planes into our WTC killing thousands....and yet they can't handle this pathetic little cartoon! worth countless lives?