Friday, August 5, 2011

U.S. loses AAA credit rating from S&P!

NEWS ALERT! JUST NOW!, U.S. loses AAA credit rating from S&P! Even after the debt ceiling was raised! WHY? Because Obama came out today with his behemoth plan to throw $Billions of dollars more into the black hole that is our economy...and the US doesn't have any more money to do that! He just made a disaster...even worse! First downgrade EVER in HISTORY! Democrats...wake up!!!!!! Government cannot spend their way out of this!! Stop trying to do that....PLEASE!
For I am all-knowing!

Obama will NEVER get it! Lost Cause!

HERE WE GO AGAIN! Obama's new plan! (1) Payroll tax reduction...means less money goes into your Social Security, which is going broke! (2) Extend unemployment AGAIN...with what money? (3) ANOTHER Stimulus bill! Again...moron...put on your listening ears Obama...WE'RE FREAKING BROKE You dumbass! What will it take....? Even Clinton agrees!
He's Loony Toons!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

It Just Doesn't Get Any Dumber Than This!

UNBELIEVABLE STATEMENT! I just heard a liberal on TV state how idiotic and dangerous it was for us in the Tea Party, to let our Junior Senators have so much say in how the debt ceiling discussions went! Hey...MORONS! You elected a Junior Senator, wet behind the ears, community organizer, no experience Imbecile......TO THE PRESIDENCY OF THE UNITED STATES!!
Oh, I'll Give You Change Alright!

Whining Liberals decry Capitalism!

Hey...without capitalism...those whiny cry baby Hollywood elitists and sports superstars with lips clamped firmly to Obama's behind, wouldn't have diddly squat! If you had your way, you'd tell the director and producer to pay everyone in the film the exact same amount! Every player on a team would get the same pay...period! Why don't you liberals try explaining that concept to any of the overpaid egomaniac elitists in the business! Social Justice! Re-distribution! Good luck with that!
OMG...Please don't take my picture!

Mistaken Identities!

OMG! I just now realized! It's all so clear to me now! The Democrats and liberal media suffered a severe bout of mistaken identities! All those vile demeaning hateful comments directed at Sarah Palin....they were actually intended for Debbie Wasserman Schultz! Well, that's ok. Mistakes happen!
Hey! Do I look stupid to you???

A very telling question!

I had a liberal ask "Can't you say anything good about the president?" And I got brain freeze! It was at that very moment I realized that no...I really couldn't think of one single thing that man has done since taking office that was actually good, or not for some self serving purpose! If there is something, it was overshadowed and destroyed by all of the bad things!
Just give me a little more time! I'll screw things up permanently!

Another great job Obama!

Another great job Obama...CEO of General Motors! You sold all of 125 Volts in July, while Nissan sold 930 Leafs. GM sold 25,000 gas run sedans the same month. I guess all the hype on the Volt really paid off, huh? And that $13,500 rebate really did the trick! The verdict's in! You're as good of a CEO as you are President of the United States!

It's all going according to plan!

Folks...Please calm down! I know the market is crashing somewhat! I know Obama already spent the debt ceiling add on, I know many of you still have no job after 2 1/2 years! But all is going to plan! Obama & friends want to destroy this wonderful country from within...financially, so he and his goose-steppers can cause us all to depend on the government...him!
Hey Big "O"... I got some chicks for after the fundraiser!

Obama spends to the debt ceiling in two days!

PLEASE MAKE IT STOP! In a matter of a couple days, Obama has ALREADY spent the Hundreds of Billions of Dollars made available to him by raising the debt ceiling! What is it going to take to stop this spendaholic! Spending OUR money...and money that our children haven't yet paid in taxes!
You people are unbelievably stupid!


Joe Biden's side business!

Joe RENTING OUT a cottage next to him to the Secret Service Agents who protect him! He's charging $2200 per month! And it's HIS money to keep! Paid by the US Taxpayers of course.
What a sweet deal!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Harry Reid a big crybaby about pomegranates!

People who have no home to go back to because of this moron will love this one! Here's crybaby Reid blubbering about how homesick he is for his pomegranates! If this doesn't convince you once and for all how selfish and disconnected this ancient Senator is, nothing will! It is time to throw this withering old demented prune out of office!


PLEASE MAKE IT STOP! So tomorrow, while I don't have a pot to piss in because of Barack Hussein Obama and friends, I get to watch all of his elitist brain dead ass kissers throw him a huge gala birthday party that will cost more than what I could make in 10 years...if I had work! Love it!
OMG! I really did vote for him!

Unbelievably Unconstitutional Result of the Debt Deal!

We are SO SCREWED! A result of the ridiculous debt ceiling debacle will be the formations of a "SUPER CONGRESS" which will make serious decisions for our country! This so called "Unconstitutional" Super Congress will be comprised of six Democrats, six Republicans and the head dictator himself; Barack Hussein Obama. Gee, I wonder how the votes will end up? We're so screwed! Unconstitutional...Why? Because 6 Democrats 6 Republicans PLUS one SUPER LIBERAL LEFT WING DEMOCRAT= stacked deck! 

Possible Democratic Opponent for Obama?

The Democratic Party is getting very worried! So they are grooming a possible candidate to run against Obama in 2012, just in case! They have told sources their backup pick is a "Shoe In" should it become necessary to run him! The candidate was quoted as saying "Are you kidding? I can beat this moron with my ears, eyes, and mouth closed!
I can beat Obama in my sleep!

Notice to "Pro Sharia" Muslims and Terrorists!

Pro Sharia Muslims and of course terrorists: Take your pitiful pathetic Sharia Law book and shove it where the sun never shines! And why don't you climb in there as well! Oh and take your good buddy Obama with you please! We in the United states don't need your kind hanging around here, waiting for your chance to try and take over. Bye Bye!

Changing the average person's opinion about Muslims

The worst part is there is no organized outcry from Muslims denouncing the terrorism within their ranks! Their silence speaks volumes! It tells me and millions of other Americans that the massive Muslim communities accept the violence as necessary for their cause, which is to eliminate anyone who isn't Muslim! And if I'm wrong, and they really don't condone the killing, then they have mistakenly waited much too long to say or do anything against it! It would take a hell of a lot at this point to change the average persons view of Muslims in general!

What are you looking at...infidel!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Condemning the story of the Three Little Pigs!

OMG! Now we have bleeding heart liberals CONDEMNING the story of "The Three Little Pigs!" Why...well because according to these morons, everybody knows that only the poor third world countries have houses of straw or sticks, and only the rich western nations can afford homes built with bricks! I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!

So What is a Terrorist?

Once again...if it dresses like Muslim Jihad Terrorist, and walks like a Muslim Jihad Terrorist, and talks like a Muslim Jihad Terrorist, and straps bombs to himself like a Muslim Jihad's a sure bet it's a Muslim Jihad Terrorist! Too bad we can't get any so called "decent" Muslims to stand up and denounce them! Still waiting for the great outcry of the so called billions of "good" Muslims to denounce any Muslim terrorist act! Their "silence" is "deafening"! After 911, they could have SWARMED the streets carrying signs denouncing OBL and his terrorist organization...but not a whimper did we hear! Speaks VOLUMES! 
I will blow you to Kingdom Come!

Alabama: Welcome to the wrath of Obama and Holder!

Hello Alabama! Welcome to the wrath of Obama and Holder! No good deed goes unpunished! Don't try to do the Feds job for them! They'll get around to enforcing the laws when they're damn well ready! And they're not ready yet! Obama administration sues Alabama over immigration law: 

Matt Damon on Taxes!

Uber multi-millionaire Matt Damon "I wouldn't mind paying more in taxes...what's the big deal?" Well then mister moneybags, why don't you? No one's STOPPING you? You and all your tax dodging Hollywood Elite's can give to your hearts content! Like that will happen! You'd be crying like a bunch of babies! You losers don't think you're paid enough as it is!

What is driving the dumb as dirt liberal agenda?

Dumb as Dirt Obama and Liberal lawmakers STILL don't get it! After all this fighting over debt ceiling, facts smeared into their faces, they STILL believe the way to repair the massive damage done by overspending what we don't to spend even more of what we don't have! Is there nothing between their ears? Or, do they secretly WANT to bring down the country?

Monday, August 1, 2011

Harry Reid: "It's dead in the water!"

Harry Reid: "It's dead in the water!" That's Reid for well as Obama, and Pelosi! If it's a Republican's dead in the water BEFORE even looking at it! If it's Obama's idea, they pass it and tell us we'll find out what's in it later!

Three Musts for the GOP come 2012

If we ever get through this pitiful mess, and can get the majorities throughout, like the Democrats had for 2 years straight, the very first things on the agenda MUST BE: (1) Balanced Budget Amendment_ (2) Term Limits__(3) Repeal Obamacare! If they won't vote and pass those three things, we throw their asses out and get people who will!

"Racists" no longer works. Now it's "Terrorists!"

These are the SAME idiots that won't call real terrorists...terrorists! They're finally ditching the racist claims, because no one's buying it. Now, they've latched on to calling us Terrorists with dynamite and bombs strapped to our waists! Keep it up losers! You're only proving just how STUPID and UNEDUCATED and DESPERATE you really are!
"We have negotiated with terrorists," angry Rep. Mike Doyle, a Democrat from PA, said, according to sources who were in the room. "This small group of terrorists have made it impossible to spend any money." Biden agreed: Biden, driven by his Democratic allies' misgivings about the debt-limit deal, responded: "They have acted like terrorists!"

Watch this 38 second clip!

The Obama Sheeple!

Obama Sheeple = People with no mind or thoughts of their own. They are mesmerized by their Imperial Majesty Barack Hussein Obama and follow his words implicitly. They have no common sense so as not to worry about the collapse of their country, until it is too late to do anything. They are...The Stepford Liberals.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Do Ya Think?

Obama's plans for the White House!

Obama has his architect friends in the Muslim Brotherhood working on a White House remake to coincide with his "planned" re-election in 2012. (What? well it's not impossible!)

The Man needs a break!

Man...I need a break from this debt crap! Anybody got a light?

Ok Ok I wouldn't want to upset her either!

How to decipher Reid's plan

When Harry Reid's alleged bill hits the house, they'll have to refer to Bill Clinton's book "Words, and what they REALLY mean" to decipher it! Hope they have plenty of Clinton's famous cigars on hand, from the infamous "Oval Office Sex and Cigar Lounge"

Sadly...right's a losing battle!

We have to accept what little victory we can at this point! It has become crystal clear that the only way we are ever going to get the results we need, is to capture the Presidency AND the Senate in 2012. With the Dumbocrats in control of the Presidency AND the Senate, it's like beating your head against a brick wall! We'll never get anything of substance through! !
Obama and his Senate minions will never let ANYTHING get passed while they are in control! We are like prisoners behind bars, deteriorating conditions, just waiting to be released in 15 months! Can we hold out until then? It's anybody's guess!

Yea, it was me!

Yea, it was me! What about it? It doesn't smell THAT bad, does it?

Their plan begins to take shape!

Napolitano Daydreaming: "It won't be long now....we'll have this country so freaking screwed up, the peasants will be pleading for us to finally take over everything and make it all better! Meanwhile...another nap should do just fine! And Rahm...for the last time! Get your hand OFF my leg!"

Nappy Napolitano makes her case!


Obama and Henchmen looking at gun records.

Gun Owners Beware! Not only are Obama and his Henchmen scouring the records of all weapons legally owned by American Citizens...they are also checking records of indoor and outdoor shooting ranges to see what types of weapons are being fired, who is firing them, and how often! Pretty scary, don't you think? Here he is instructing his homie!
"No, you got to aim at the head, dog!"

Maddow Show laughs at Republican's Faith!

I'm convinced the laughter is hiding intense fear! They know where they're headed when they leave this world, and the only way to come to grips with it, is make fun of those they know have made the right choices in life! Just like bullies laugh at someone they're actually jealous of! Read on: 

Muslim Brotherhood posturing to take over Egypt!

Tens of thousands of Egyptian Islamists including the Muslim Brotherhood, demonstrated in Tahrir Square DEMANDING that Egypt be governed under Islamic laws! Not what the liberators wanted or were expecting! BTW, the protestors were bused to the event from ALL OVER Egypt...similar to what Obama's Acorn and SEIU did in the 2008 election!