Saturday, July 30, 2011

Obama's Negotiating Skills!

Here he is negotiating with the GOP!
"I've got your Cut Cap and Balance...right here!"

Stop Worrying! We won't default!

We won't default. Here's why. When you run your credit card to the max, you cannot go any higher. However, if you continue to pay the minimum payment, that covers the interest and you don't default. That's what the Government will do. Take the incoming tax revenue each month, and from that pay the interest on our debt, therefore avoiding default. It is a scare tactic they are using!

Border Woes Increasing!

There's been a huge increase in hard drugs coming in from Mexico. 70% increase in cocaine, 40% increase in Mexican black tar heroin and 20% increase in Meth. They are concealing this stuff in batteries, and even in a hollowed out drive-line! Between that and the Illegals being smuggled in and climbing the fence, it's a war that Obama and Nappy don't seem to want to fight!

Is this Oz?

This is like the Wizard of Oz...with Obama behind the curtain, and all his mealy mouthed minions are on stage. We're just waiting for the production to close! Or a house to fall on the director!

The Tea Party...Hezbollah???

You KNOW the Democrats are getting desperate when they start referring to the Tea party as being the Hezbollah Faction of the Republican party! I laughed so hard! The desperation is getting hilarious! Especially when no one in their RIGHT mind is listening to a word they're saying! Keep it coming losers!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Ashamed of this President!

Obama wants open borders...period. That has become very clear, especially after his visit down here and making fun of us in Arizona with his dumb ass moat and alligator comments. What world leader does that? pathetic! I'm truly ashamed that he is the president! ASHAMED! The United States is a joke internationally! And rightly so! No one knows WHERE we're coming from anymore!

The Truth Comes Out! Harry Reid is the reason!

DID YOU KNOW???? back in December, when the Democrats still owned both the House AND senate, they could have voted to raise the debt ceiling then with no problem! BUT......Harry Reid said he wanted to WAIT until the new House Republicans were in place so they could share the blame for raising it!!!!!
HARRY REID! How does it feel, you mealy mouthed little wimp! I just heard him say "The plan that the Republicans are trying to JAM through with their Non-Transparent negotiations" blah blah blah! You mean like Obamacare? Not one Republican vote? Needed to pass it before anyone knew what was in it? I don't think this is ANYTHING like that was! Jerk!

His Imperial Majesty! For KING!

His Imperial Majesty Obama Daydreaming: For I am King Obama! And my Minions are my chess pieces. I move them where I want, when I want, and they obey me without question! I will rule the world one day and ALL will answer to me...the infallible one, the anointed one! Dare not question my ultimate authority, lest you be cast into the abyss! (Ok, so I made this up! But actions speak louder than words)

Tuesday August 2nd is Armageddon?

Billboards in New York: "Tuesday August 2nd is Armageddon" Well that's got to be totally false! Why? Because Obama and family are already packed and ready to go to Martha's Vineyard, (BIG BUCKS), for yet ANOTHER vacation on Wednesday, August 3rd, the very next day! Truth be known, that's why he's so upset that this debt deal isn't done yet! He will not let it ruin his plans!

Obama's Insomnia...oh so sad!

Oh my goodness...this is just so sad! I feel so bad now! I had no idea! Valerie Jarret reminded reporters yesterday that it was President Obama who was losing sleep over the debt issue. “He’s getting absolutely no sleep. He’s working tirelessly, meeting with his economic team, doing a lot of outreach, exploring all kinds of possibilities for compromise,” Jarrett said. How terribly, terribly sad!! Gee, I wonder how the soldiers overseas are sleeping these days?

You will not believe this about the FAILED Stimulus!

GUESS WHAT? That $875 Billion dollar stimulus...down the tubes! Over 14 Million people still out of work! Do you realize that Obama could have taken that money, and given each and every unemployed person over $62,000 ! At least that way, most of it would have ended up in local economies in some form or another, AND he would have saved the unemployment benefits paid for 99 weeks!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

News Alert!

News Alert! President Obama is sending Janet Napoli-Duhhh-no to the border undercover to find out where the Fast and Furious weapons went, and what went wrong with the operation. He says she is the one person that can see through the facade and get to the facts!

Obama and the Presidency...not what he expected!

Obama is WAY over his head in his job! He's like a toddler in a playpen, and someone just came over, took away his rattle, and handed him a 5000 piece jigsaw puzzle. He doesn't have a clue what to do with it...maybe eat the pieces?

CAUGHT: AWOL Musim caught with bomb materials!

An AWOL Muslim soldier, admitting he was planning an attack, had weapons stashed in a motel room near Fort Hood was planning an attack on the Texas post, where 13 people died in 2009 in the worst mass shooting ever on a U.S. military installation by a Muslim,  the Army said in an alert issued Thursday. Pfc. Naser Abdo, a 21-year-old soldier granted conscientious objector status this year after he said his Muslim beliefs prevented him from fighting, was arrested Wednesday. Agents found firearms and “items that could be identified as bomb-making components, including gunpowder,” in his motel room, according to FBI spokesman Erik Vasys. Read more:

Beware of La Raza! They are multiplying!

La Raza is a tyranist organization that is demanding open borders and amnesty! They promote violence and open disobedience in it's pursuit of this. They believe Arizona is actually Mexico! Illegal Mexican Aliens openly join them in protests without impunity!

Liberals view of the Constitution

Lately all I hear from liberals about the Constitution, is how it's a "living breathing document subject to change"! BS! The Constitution is the law of the land...always has been...always will be! Those of you who don't like it, or want to change it to better serve your agenda, had better just pack your sorry butts and move to another country that better suits your needs! Goodbye now!

SHAME on the media!

**R.I.P.**Justin Allen 23, Brett Linley 29, Matthew Weikert 29, Justus Bartett 27, Dave Santos 21, Jesse Reed 26, Matthew Johnson 21, Zachary Fisher 24, Brandon King 23, Christopher Goeke 23, and Sheldon Tate 27....Are all Marines that gave their lives this week for you, and all the media could see was poor little Amy Winehouse! SHAME ON YOU! They gave their lives so she could waste hers!

Liberals: "where was this anger when Bush was in?"

Liberals: "Where was the anger when Bush was in?" Are you kidding me? 24/7 the left lambasted Bush with the help of the liberal media. They never gave him a break. And why do people keep going back to "well, what about Bush?" Bush is gone and has been for almost 3 years. This is Obama's ship now, and he's drilling holes in the bottom daily! Get your life preservers out. It won't be long!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

51% of Americans Pay No Federal Income Taxes

There are Americans -- millions of them -- who really do pay practically zero overall taxes. About fifteen million American households, or 10 percent of all taxpayers, receive more cash from the IRS than they contribute in federal income taxes and payroll taxes. That's thanks to "refundable credits," tax credits that can bring your tax bill into negative territory. To some, these 15 million are low-income Americans benefiting from smart and targeted welfare run through the tax code. To others, they are unacceptable free riders, citizens with a vote but no stake in federal government.

Taxing the rich 100% won’t cover the bill

Barack Obama told the nation last Wednesday that “improvements” in Medicare and hiking taxes on the wealthy would stabilize government spending and bring deficit spending to what can charitably be described as a dull roar. The Wall Street Journal does some fact checking on these claims and finds them entirely false.  Even if the “rich” gets defined down to the top 10% of filers — whose average annual household income is $114,000 — the level of revenue from even a 100% tax would still not close the budget gap:

Obama can tax the rich all he wants! But unless he ALSO starts reining in his entitlement programs, nothing at all will significantly change the dire outlook for this country! Those entitlements are the huge "meat and potato" expenses we cannot endure no matter how much we tax the rich or the poor! It's sad, but believe's true!

OTM Killers act more like far left loons!

The Norway Killer, Timothy McVeigh, Uni bomber. These OTM (other than Muslim) "killers" actually behave more like the far left loons do! The ones who hate and lie and smear and even stoop to violence if it advances their agenda! Maybe they should start taking ownership of it, instead of ineffectively trying to paint them as Christians! It's not working!

The Norway Killer is not a Christian!

Atheists say the Norway killer was Christian. He was not a Christian. They can say it all they want. The only people who will believe it are other pathetic atheists, and so what? They are doomed for eternity, which proves how ignorant they are. Of course the Muslims may jump on it...but this clown didn't hold a candle to the devastation that Muslim Jihadists have caused over the years!

Only person that can stop SS Checks: Barack Hussein Obama

AMERICANS: Federal Law MANDATES that the Military get paid every single month and social security payments be made on time. IT"S THE LAW! The ONLY person with the power to stop those checks is Barack Hussein Obama, AKA: The Anointed Tyrant! You can take that fact to the bank! Look it up yourselves if you're not too lazy! He uses scare tactics, but they have no basis!

Obama and Jeffery Imelt joined at the hip!

Obama and GE CEO Jeffery Imelt were the ones laughing about how the shovel ready jobs didn't quite work! Now they are working together to effectively hurt this country and move thousands of jobs to China, all while Imelt paid no taxes for the last 2 years! Hey Obama...he's one of those nasty rich people you're going after, right? I thought you wanted to close those loopholes? You Obama are a TYRANT! 

GE is working AGAINST America...and TAX FREE!

MORE GE: Obama's job czar has put reduced the General Electric work force by 55,000 employees and has closed light bulb factories around the country and moved them all to China. General Electric has made 14 billion dollars overseas and 5 billion dollars here in the United States and has paid no income taxes for the past two years but received 1,400,000 of stimulus money. 

Obama's payback via GE!

Jeffery Imelt is Obama's hand picked JOB CZAR and also is CEO of GE. Obama just gave him the ok to move 1100 GE jobs from Wisconsin, to China! He's supposed to be helping the US with jobs, and he's exporting them? This smacks of a personal payback from Obama to Wisconsin for going against the unions! Is there any line Obama won't cross to achieve his personal agenda? 

TRUTH: The truly poor are proud people!

You know what's really telling. There are several people in my area that the government erroneously defines as "poor" , living off the taxpayers with welfare, food stamps, and non-warranted disability. I know this because they use and distribute meth and steal. Then there are truly poor families who are much too proud to accept any aid. The whole system is ass backwards, and needs reform!

The Reality of the Debt Ceiling.

This is the stark reality. If Obama succeeds in squeezing the rich to the point where...they're not rich anymore...who will he come after next? The Middle Class, which is a shrinking number each day, and when they are squeezed dry, who will be next? The debt ceiling gets raised every year because Government grows bigger every year. That's what we need to stop! There is no need for a Government bigger than we now have...which is twice what it should be! As long as we keep on raising the debt ceiling, the liberals will find a place to spend it on! Guaranteed!

Taxing the rich 100% will not even dent the deficit!

Every single rich person in this country could pay 100% taxes on their income, and it wouldn't even DENT the deficit this imbecile has accumulated since he took office...not even including the PREVIOUS debt before he showed up! He's just using that scenario to advance his raise taxes agenda! He knows liberals hate the rich, even despite the fact that there are more rich liberals than Conservatives! It's part of their "Do as we say...not as we do" philosophy!

Chart showing Federal Spending for 2011

Chart showing Federal Spending 2011. Note how much is allocated for Health Care 18% and Federal Pensions $16%. Those two totals are double what we spend on Defense! And Welfare 11% includes a lot of surprises! No wonder Deadbeats and Illegal Aliens love America so much! And Education 14% because of Unions and Pensions!

So many secrets in the Federal Budget! Here's just one!

Welfare constitutes one-half $Trillion$ Dollars of our annual Federal Budget! Of that, I'll bet you didn't know that $176 Billion goes to "Social exclusion n.e.c." which is: "Failure of society to provide certain individuals and groups with those rights and benefits normally available to its members, such as employment, adequate housing, health care, education and training, etc."
Read More Here:

Obama won't budge on length of debt limit increase.

Obama is INSISTING on a longer term debt plan to go BEYOND next spring, because he doesn't want this albatross around his neck just before the November elections in 2012. He KNOWS that will be a grenade in his panties!

And the LIES keep marching on!

I don't ever remember a President lying to our faces over and over and over again like this, as though we are all stupid! And the American people have become so involved in politics since his election, that they research and read and KNOW that he is bold faced lying to them! This guy is UNBELIEVABLE!

Obama already has his tax increases!

Obama tax hikes ALREADY in place! Hidden in OBAMACARE are substantial tax increases for the near future! Those will cost taxpayers $503 billion between 2010 and 2019 and will raise taxes on middle-income families in direct violation of President Obama's oft-stated pledge not to do so. If they're projecting $503 Billion now, you KNOW it will turn out to be triple that! 

Playing "Footsie" with Gadhafi!

It's like we're just playing footsie with Gadhafi in Libya! And where is the outcry from the bleeding heart liberals about Obama even being in there in the first place! Note to Obama: Sh*t or get off the pot! Quit wasting our resources!

Where were the headlines in 2008?

Headlines Today: "Default would HARM Nation" "Debt Default has Catastrophic Consequences"... So let me ask you this. Where were the headlines in 2008 reading "Electing Barack Hussein Obama President would be CATASTROPHIC for the Nation"? Then we wouldn't be in this mess in the first place!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Is there hope for Chris Matthews yet?

Are you ready for this? EVEN "tingle up my leg" Chris Matthews said last night that Obama made a mistake by coming on Prime Time TV and giving a "POLITICAL" speech! Wow! Miracles CAN happen! Of course he had to then throw in a dig at the GOP by saying Boehner didn't help with his rebuttal. The Lord giveth...and then taketh away.

Living in the Land of Oz!

In all my life, I have NEVER seen this kind of division and hate in the country! Those of us with working brain cells know exactly why that is. The rest are living in "Obamaland". We're just waiting for a house to fall on someone!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Notice of theft from Medicare by Obamacare!

The media has completely ignored this huge and important story. Democrats need to come to grips with this being a fact, and must stop claiming the GOP wants to destroy Medicare. Obama, in order to finance his selfish behemoth Obamacare, has effectively STOLEN $500 BILLION DOLLARS from Medicare! The law cuts 'future' Medicare spending by that amount. Read the law if you can! Or if you have a spare six months to do so!

Illegals Threaten To Murder Americans With Axes and Shovels

"We will not stop! We will take up our shovels and pickaxes and we...we will use them against you! Believe that!" screams an opponent of Arizona's tough new bill addressing illegal immigration.

Did I do That?

And yes, we handed this guy our Nuclear Arsenal!

Honing their skills for the 2012 Elections!

How many in America still just don't get it? Liberals?

Think about it! We have a Federal government under Obama, that won't enforce Federal laws on the books. If a state that's being hurt as a result of this policy tries to pass it's own version, mirroring the Federal laws, Obama sends his hit man Holder in to quash it immediately! Obama is working against America and our laws, values and morals, and he must be defeated!

When will things start to get better?

People now realize that as long as Obama and company are in control, we have no real say in what happens to our money. Obama has created the "Brown Shirt" atmosphere where people feel helpless and feel the Government has become "all powerful"! Businesses are scared to death to do ANYTHING at all! I'm afraid until he is gone, nothing will change very much if at all.

One Big Reason for the Bad Economy!

When Obama, Pelosi, and Reid SHOVED that Obamacare down the throats of the American people, with NO Republican support, I truly believe the Conservatives in this country suffered a terrible set back in their ideals and realized for the first time in history, they had NO voice whatsoever! That has affected every facet of this economy!

We had better wise up...and quick!

If we don't hit the skids on Obamaland, pretty soon he will enact a law FORCING Arizona to cut large "ENTRANCE" openings in the existing fence and personally welcome each Illegal Alien into the US! Maybe hand them the keys to the country! Seems a little far fetched? So was this socialist getting elected president! 

La Raza Hispanic movement becoming huge...and dangerous!

Los Angeles: Hordes of Mexican expatriates, many here illegally, were protesting the very U.S. immigration laws they were violating with impunity. They found it offensive and a violation of their rights that the U.S. dared to have immigration laws to begin with.

National Council of La Raza ("The Race") succeeded in raking in over $15.2 million in federal grants last year alone! That's OUR taxpayer money they use to encite Hispanic, both legal and illegal, to FORCE the US to drop illegal immigration measures completely! La Raza continues to lobby the Senate for virtual open borders and amnesty for illegal aliens. AND WE ARE FUNDING THEM!!!!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Obama's new found legacy!

Obama won't be cited as the hope-and-change phenomenon of 2008. Instead, posterity shall know him as the single greatest borrower in American presidential history, a novice who effectively brought down the U.S. economy by borrowing over $4 billion a day without any feasible plan to pay back such a vast sum! Even taxing the rich 110% wouldn't put a dent in it!

OBAMA: Completely LOST without his Teleprompters!

What other President has his crew go in and actually set up his podium AND teleprompters inside a 6th grade classroom to speak to 12 year olds! He didn't even have the confidence in himself to talk to these kids without help! There was hardly room left for the kids! Obama is completely LOST without prepared text! What a joke this is!

Lest we never forget!

To terrorists, Islam is NOT a religion! It is an Ideology based on the fact that Muslims are good and everyone else, including all of you non Muslim liberals, are infidels, who are not worthy of this earth and must die! And WILL die if we don't fight this! That is their ultimate goal and we had better start believing it...NOW!

What's Obama's Hurry?

Racing to the White House for more debt talks. Why bother? 
He is not willing to drop his "increase the debt and taxes" both BS! There's just no point!

 Ladies and Gentlemen...I give you our "Commander in Chief"

I just realized he is pulling a little trailer behind this bike! It has his teleprompters in it!

Democrats and Media! Stop Lying!

Why can't Democrats and the media be honest...just once! Seniors: The US Government takes in more than enough tax revenue each month to pay the interest on our debt so as no to default, and to pay Social Security, Medicare, and the military without delay! Obama is trying to scare you and sway public opinion to side with his raise the debt AND taxes plan! They are lying, plain and simple!

California had better wake up!

San Francisco California newborns are being prepped at an early age to assimilate to the "Nancy Pelosi" lifestyle!

Terrorists on the move!

Arizona here we come! These terrorists just found out about the free ATF guns at the border and easy access into the US! They have stickers on their truck "ARIZONA OR BUST!" and "THANK YOU OBAMA, HOLDER AND NAPOLITANO!" (as if they could spell that)