Saturday, May 28, 2011

Won't Matter Who Gets Republican Nod!

Here's a FACT! It is not going to matter WHO wins the Republican Nomination.
People have already decided. Those who love Obama will vote for him. Those who don't, will vote for ANYONE else! PeeWee Herman could be running and get all the anti-Obama votes! Mark my words!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Here's just another example of Government Waste!

May 26 2011

Dr. Coburn Releases New Oversight Report Exposing Waste, Mismanagement at the National Science Foundation

Examples of the more than $3 billion in waste and duplication outlined in the report include:
• $80,000 study on why the same teams always dominate March Madness;
• $315,000 study suggesting playing FarmVille on Facebook helps adults develop and maintain relationships;
• $1 million for an analysis of how quickly parents respond to trendy baby names;
• $50,000 to produce and publicize amateur songs about science, including a rap called “Money 4 Drugz,” and a misleading song titled “Biogas is a Gas, Gas, Gas”;
• $2 million to figure out that people who often post pictures on the internet from the same location at the same time are usually friends; and
• $581,000 on whether online dating site users are racist.
Additionally, the report details examples of mismanagement including:
• Hundreds of millions of dollars lost to ineffective contracting;
• $1.7 billion in unspent funds sitting in expired, undisbursed grant accounts;
• At least $3 million in excessive travel funds
• A lack of accountability or program metrics to evaluate expenditures.
• Inappropriate staff behavior including porn surfing and Jello wrestling and skinny-dipping at NSF-operated facilities in Antarctica.

Obama's New Spy at work!

The White House has just hired Jessie Lee as the "CRITICAL PRESS RESPONSE" monitor who is charged with finding all critical remarks about Obama on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter & all Social Networks. "I'LL KEEP HIM BUSY!!!"


REASONABLE DEMOCRATS BEWARE!!! Obama's Regime will take YOU down as well if you don't support his corrupt agenda! Doesn't matter WHO you are...they will stifle your voice immediately! They eat there own!

MIA Obama!

Obama is CONSTANTLY traveling somewhere. He's ALWAYS MIA when something happens because he's ALWAYS MIA! If there is a photo op somewhere, or an Oprah taping, or a The View appearance, or a golf game, he's THERE!

Obama...the great UNITER! NOT!

This is the President who promised to "UNITE" us all! Break down the "BARRIERS" ! Are you kidding? He has polarized this country worse than ever in History! Here he is telling Latinos they'd better vote AGAINST their enemies in the 2010 election! Obama is a COMPULSIVE LIAR!!!! He plays Latinos like a fiddle! So Pathetic! So sad! He does the same with the Black community!
About the "Great Uniter" honest! Have any of you ever felt this disconnected from the other side? Have any of you ever felt this terrible about all the racism claims out there? Have any of you been more scared about what might happen to America? And our Children and Grandchildren, and their children?

AMERICA! Keep up the passion!

AMERICA!!! We have Awakened! We want our America BACK! We are sliding down that steep slope and need to hit the brakes HARD! Keep the Passion up! Those brakes will be pulled HARD in November 2012! Let's just PRAY there's something left to save by then!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Schultz Apologizes To Ingraham (Really?)

 Ed Schultz gave a 4-minute long apology for calling fellow radio talk show host Schultz says he is indefinitely suspended from his show for the time being. He says "It doesn't matter that it was on radio and I was ad libbing." REALLY? YOU be the judge! Was he simply "Ad-libbing" as he claims? Or was he simply stating his true views, vicious as they were? Calling Laura Ingraham both a "Right Wing SLUT" and a "Talk SLUT" sounded pretty sincere to me....

How Embarrassing Was That!

How Embarrassing Was That! 1st, Obama signs in at the Palace 05/24/2008 (I guess his mind is stuck in campaign Mode). Then, the music starts right in the middle of his toast to the Queen! Then he lifts his glass to her, and she looks at him like he just broke into her house! Did he give her another Ipod?

Supreme Court Rules in favor of Arizona!

The Supreme Court gave Arizona authority to take action against illegal immigrants and the companies that hire them. Employers who knowingly hire illegals can lose their licenses. A 5-3 decision upholds the Legal Arizona Workers Act of 2007. They must also check the E-verify system before hiring. Put one in the WIN column for Arizona!!! IN YOUR FACE OBAMA! Now, on to SB1070. Now that the Supreme Court has ruled on Employers hiring Illegal Aliens, maybe we should do a sweep of the WHITE HOUSE!

Oh Right...There's No Illegal Alien Problem!

  •  There's no Illegal Alien Problem! Right! The Feds busted another drophouse in Phoenix yesterday. There were 108 Aliens crammed inside! It's the BIGGEST bust of Aliens in a drophouse in 3 years. Oh yea...things are MUCH better Nut-politano!

Obama's "Red State-Blue State" Promise

Mr. Obama, what ever happened to your promise "There will be no red states and no blue states...only United States" Oh, except for Arizona...Oh and New Mexico, and well, Texas too. Yet another Bold Faced Lie!

"You are a Traitor" shouted at Black Woman who is Pro-Life Democrat!

After debating in favor of a bill that would require ultrasounds before abortions, Democrat leaders openly harassed, threatened and belittled Democratic Rep. Daphnee Campbell. Freshman State House of Representatives member, Daphne Campbell from Miami was in her first legislative session last week when her own party viciously turned on her after she debated for and voted in favor of the pro-life bill allowing ultrasounds before abortions.

Campbell is a wife and mother of five children who works as a nurse.  As she rose in passionate support for the pro-life bill, Rep. Scott Randolph a Democrat from Orlando, whose assigned seat is right next to Campbell, started tossing papers on her desk and threw her pen in the trash apparently incensed that a fellow Democrat would support the bill.

Randolph, who has been endorsed by Planned Parenthood and Equality Florida, told Campbell “You are a traitor…I swear, you will not be re-elected. I will get an opponent.” Campbell’s quick retort was “You have no right. God put me here.”

Rep. Campbell said in an interview with Sunshine State News, “I was the victim of an altercation by my fellow state representative, Scott Randolph.  Several items were thrown in my face, foul language was used against me, and I was insulted and ridiculed in front of all my colleagues. I was called a ‘traitor’ and was told that I was going to be kicked out of office next year.”

Rep. Campbell’s passionate debate quoted from the book of Ezekiel and admonished members with the commandment “Thou shalt not kill.”  Republican members in the Florida House stood to their feet in a standing ovation as other Democrat members protested with arms folded standing in the back of the chamber.
According to Bill Warren, the director of policy for the Florida Family Policy Council, , who personally witnessed the whole incident, “Democrats are now harassing her with needless questions on all of her bills and attempting to defeat even simple, non-controversial bills.”

However, Republican members have come to her defense by passing her bills out of the House with a commanding majority and even all stood behind her in solidarity on one occasion.

Those wishing to thank Rep. Campbell with a word of encouragement for her principled stand can e-mail her here.  Those wishing to let Rep. Randolph respectfully know of your disappointment with his unprofessional behavior, can email him here.

Again...Where Is That Money Tree???

Unemployment is rampant, the cost of living is skyrocketing and quite a number of people can't pay their mortgages. But hey, at least the federal government has $500,000 to spend running shrimp on a treadmill. 

Put One in the Win Column for Arizona! In Your Face Obama!

The Supreme Court gave Arizona authority to take action against illegal immigrants and the companies that hire them. Employers who knowingly hire illegals can lose their licenses. The 5-3 decision upholds the Legal Arizona Workers Act of 2007. They must also check the E-verify system before hiring.


OK, I understand why liberals, left wing nuts, and non educated people voted for Obama...That's a no brainer. But what about the rest of you? Did you think he was some sort of magician? Well...ABRACADABRA...SURPRISE!!!


WHERE IS THIS MONEY TREE? The UofA was just awarded ONE $BILLION$ grant to send an unmanned spacecraft to an ASTEROID! WHAT? Where is this money coming from? I know I'm tapped This is ridiculous and so are thousands of other grants! (Grants=OUR MONEY)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bill Clinton Caught On Tape Unexpectedly Today!

Bill Clinton caught on tape today quietly saying to Paul Ryan "I'm glad we won in New York. But I just hope the Democrats don't use it as an excuse not to do anything about Medicare." Wow, there's a prominent Democrat that agrees with US! Wonder what Obama thinks about that!

Obama's Car Bottoms Out

We can only WISH this would happen with Obama's POLICIES!

Obama's re-election efforts

NEWSFLASH for Obama! You're in a frenzy, trashing Conservatives, trying to raise a billion$ for your re-election campaign. Guess what? You wouldn't even have to campaign at all, if you just DID SOME GOOD THINGS for America! You'd be a shoe in! Guess there's no chance of that happening! Bring on the insults!

Prisoners are UNHAPPY about bathrooms!

OMGosh!!! HAVE YOU HEARD? In Calif Prisons, 54 men have to share ONE BATHROOM! Ladies, tell those guys to go to a sporting event and try to get INTO the Ladies Room! This takes the cake! Hey...I've got an idea! How about "STAY THE HELL OUT OF PRISON" you freakin idiots! It's NOT a country club!          I thought the original idea for prisons, was to make it so the prisoners DON'T WANT TO COME BACK!


DO I RESPECT OBAMA? HELL NO! I don't respect ANYONE who laughs in my face, makes fun of my State's Dangerous Problems, Sues my State for trying to do HIS job, Lies to my face, Refuses to prosecute "reverse discrimination", and jumps to conclusions blaming my Tea Party...BUT NEVER MUSLIM TERRORISTS!

Senator Harry Reid says something Intelligent! Goes against Obama!

Senator Reid still has at least one brain cell left! On Obama's speech about Israel needing to go back to 1967 borders, Reid went against Obama declaring "The place where negotiating will happen must be at the negotiating table — and nowhere else. … No one should set premature parameters about borders, about building, or about anything else."

Obama's War by Proxy!

War by PROXY! President Barack Obama warned Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi on Wednesday there would be 'no let up' in pressure on him to go, following a second successive night of heavy NATO bombing in Tripoli. Why is it ok for him to attack another country without Congress? We ARE NATO!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Obama and Israel

It has always been clear that Obama supports the Arabs over Israel! He has not been trying to hide that fact either! He cannot and will not understand their plight! He would negotiate with "Terrorists" before giving the Israelis the nod to do what they feel is right for their country!

Palestinians and Peace...NOT!

This is why peace is so elusive! Right after that emotional speech at AIPAC by Benjamin Netanyahu, the Palestinians Leaders called that very speech "A DECLARATION OF WAR" You will NEVER convince them to lay down arms! It is all they know and WHAT THEY LOVE!

MORE Stimulus Waste!

More On Stimulus Waste...Just in: 3,700 DEADBEAT Contractors, owing more than $750MILLION DOLLARS in back taxes, were AWARDED Government contracts totaling in the Billions taken from the Stimulus Funds! When does it end?

Answer this question Honestly!

Answer this honestly! You have captured a terrorist. He has information about an upcoming 9/11 type event. You've wined & dined him, asked him nicely, then used the Army Field Book guidelines for luck. Do you just give up? Say "Oh well" we've tried everything. Or do you try water-boarding? BE HONEST!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Herman Cain Called "Racist", "Monkey in the Window"

AlterNet, a site that proudly proclaims its “strong content” and “huge readership and reach,” offered its analysis of Herman Cain’s speech at CPAC by calling the former CEO of Godfather Pizza a “monkey in the window”. Herman Cain told conservative activists the country is being ruined by "stupid people" and said liberals attempt to discredit President Obama's critics with accusations of racism."They call me racist too because I happen to disagree with the president," Cain said "If you disagree about their liberal leader you must be a racist no matter what color you are."Cain said his disagreement with Obama was based on policies, not race. "Some black people can think for themselves," he said.

RACIST Progressive Liberals call for Lynching

"Progressive" liberal Ralliers Call for Lynching of Justice Clarence Thomas and his wife!  Comments like hang him, stringed him up, torture him, cut off his toes and feed them to him one by one, sent back to the fields, etc. How DARE they label us racists! Yet the Media will give them a pass!

ONE MAN causes MASS Hysteria and Insanity!

LISTEN to the words of this photographer! He was THERE! Documenting the mass "Hysteria" and "Insanity". It is possible for one man to do this! History PROVES that! The "vulnerable" are easily swayed! This Video is only 41 seconds...but tells a tale that lasted SEVEN YEARS! NEVER give one man too much POWER!

Obama Daydreams about Golf while Netanyau Speaks

You tell me...Is Obama listening intently as Netanyahu pours his heart out about Israel's plight? or is he thinking about his next golf game? This was during a one on one moment in the White House on Friday May 5, 2011 after Obama said that Israel need to relinquish land seized in the 1967 war!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Benjamin Netanyahu states his case to President Obama

Now HERE is a REAL LEADER, with class! I've shortened it to 3 Minutes, which gets to the Crux of the Matter. It couldn't have been said better! Netanyahu face to face with President Obama on Friday 05/20/2011 discussing Borders, Hamas, and Palestinians. Must watch!