Saturday, November 12, 2011

Obama has NEVER visited Israel!

Obama not only has never visited our strong ally Israel, but he has snubbed Netanyahu and recently was caught on open mike ridiculing and demeaning him to another world leader!!! Obama has thrown Israel under the bus! He makes me sick! We need him out!!!

Sharia Law to be Law in Libya! Big Surprise!

Libya leader Mustafa Abdul-Jalil said Sunday that Islamic Sharia law would be the main source of legislation, that any laws contradicting Sharia Laws would be nullified, and that polygamy would be legalized! That's the main concern for these PIGS! To make sure they can use and abuse as many wives as they'd like! This is just the beginning...OF THE END! 

Friday, November 11, 2011

Muslims Pray...and Hate in the Same Breath!

Non Muslims, Did you know The Koran says you & I are Kafirs, or unclean, on a level with feces, urine, corpses, blood, semen, and the sweat of unclean animals, and can be killed, our property appropriated, our womenfolk and children enslaved! Jews and Christians are despised as “apes and pigs”! Islam`s womenfolk shouldn't shake hands with the Kafir because that would make them unclean and thus their prayers invalid. 

Judge rules against wearing pro American garb on Cinco de Mayo!

After noticing that the students were wearing pro-American garb on May 5, 2010, California Live Oak High School Assistant Principal Miguel Rodriguez subsequently approached the kids, telling them to to either remove the garments or to turn their shirts inside out. School Principal Nick Boden was apparently also concerned over the potential for the outfits to create issues between Hispanic students and those wearing the clothing! Following their refusal to comply, the students were allegedly taken to the school’s office where Rodriguez talked with them about Cinco de Mayo. He apparently told them that their clothing would offend Hispanic students who observe the holiday! What? Are they not Americans too? If not...they need to leave! Screw them! This is America First!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lying Pathetic POC Eric Holder KNEW about Fast & Furious in 2010!

This Lying Pig Eric Holder KNEW about Fast & Furious back in 2010...and LIED repeatedly to all of us about it so save his own pathetic ass! There is also proof that the whole thing was politically motivated as a precursor to accusing Arizona of allowing weapons to get into the hands of Cartels, which would be followed by new gun control measures! WE CANNOT TOLERATE THIS!

Our Children aren't being taught THE TRUTH!

This is one of the BIGGEST and most dangerous problems facing this country! Left wing school system. Terrible or lazy Teachers can't be fired! Most sadly, our kids in the Liberal Public School System...will NEVER learn the real truth about ANYTHING that might shed a bad light on a Democrat! Our kids will grow up ignorant to true history, just like the left wants! How can we EVER get our fair school system and media back? Maybe WE need to stage an OCCUPY CLASSROOMS movement! Effectively bring the liberal Public School System to a halt...until tenure is abolished, and left wing text books are destroyed! Bring back the old history books that weren't heavily edited to lean far left!

Liberal Media KKK Demagoguery Abound!

These liberal morons have some nerve trying to tie Republicans to the KKK...when everyone knows that the KKK was originated and pollinated by the Democrats! It's historical fact! Google it! Sadly, our kids in the Liberal Public School System...will NEVER learn the truth about that! How can we EVER get our fair school system and media back? Liberal Media KKK Demagoguery Abound! here "Meet The Press" David Gregory insinuates the Republican Party has a "Grand Wizard"! Click Here To Watch Video 
David Gregory - Meet the Press NBC

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Another Illegal Alien Rapist Murderer!!!

<<<YET ANOTHER>>>ILLEGAL ALIEN MURDERER!!!!! ICE had him in custody for RAPE! Another Federal Agency told ICE to let him go! He promptly crashes a wedding party and MURDERS one of the people there!!!! Piece of crap Illegal Alien and piece of crap Federal Agencies = Another DEAD innocent American Citizen! What about it...Napolitano!

Herman Cain is the Victim Here!

CBS Bill Kurtis says that Sharon Bialek used to work for CBS, is well known in Chicago, “has a history,” and that there is a lot more to the story. Kurtis implies that Sharon Bialek has a “track record” and may be “prone to exaggeration,” then says "let’s put Herman and Sharon in the car at the same time and the roles may have even been reversed given the track record here.”CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW

Monday, November 7, 2011

We Still Need Answers to Bin Laden Raid!

Chuck Pfarrer, a former Navy Seal, has many many unanswered questions about that night raid to kill Bin Laden! He also disputes the record as reported by the White House and embraced by all the liberal media news outlets! WE NEED ANSWERS to this situation! Where are the the ones the White House allowed us to see of Gaddafi being bloodied and killed! COVER UP! Read: 
Where is the Proof He is Dead?

The Silence from the left is Deafening!

THE SILENCE! It's DEAFENING! Where are all the screamers? You know, the ones screaming that waterboarding was torture...cruel and unusual punishment! Oh, that's right. It was Bush doing that. Now, you've got your guy in there, and he's killing "suspected" terrorists willy nilly with the push of a button! No torture there, right? You people are sickening, pathetic, hypocrites!