Saturday, August 27, 2011

Better Beware of the Chinese!

China is going to emerge as the new Super Power if we don't change our ways! They own most of our debt. We send hundreds of thousands of jobs there annually! We've sold them sensitive technology, let them see our stealth helicopter tail in Pakistan, and we train their pilots! They are up-sizing their navy. Are we out of our minds? Why not give them a map of our strategic targets in the US?

A Formidable Enemy!

Obama Replacement

"Sure I can handle the job! When do I start?"

Al Gore's big...for no Brain!

News Flash to dumb ass Al Gore: #1...No... you didn't invent the internet, pumpkin head, and #2 ... It's not global warming you stupid greedy lying scam artist ! It is God trying to tell us...warn us...that things had better change down here, and quick! This is what happens when you become too full of yourself, or...some other un-named foreign substance!
I'm so darn smart...I can't think straight!

Did You Know This?

Did you know ...that there are over 2 million homeless kids in this country? That is appalling! Please tell me how in God's name, can we spend one red cent on anything frivolous in this country, or send any tax dollars out of this country, before we have provided at least minimal food and shelter to these innocent children? Pitiful and shameful!

This...from the richest country on earth?

Friday, August 26, 2011

Obama Voter Buyer's Remorse!

Obama Voter Buyer's Remorse! I listen to Mark Levin each day, and am surprised at the uptick in calls from disgruntled Obama voters, who are sick to death of him, and kicking themselves for voting for the moron! Not just a few...but a whole lot of them! Finally...a light at the end of the tunnel...and it's not a train coming!
OMG! What have I done!?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Add "Insider Trading" to Obama's Many Crimes!

Obama, while golfing, takes a minute to call billionaire Warren Buffet. He tells Buffet that Bank of America is in big trouble, and could fail...which would be horrible for Obama after having bailed everyone out. Next thing you know, Buffet, using his inside connections and White House help, buys up $5 billion of B of A "preferred" stock at rock bottom price! Everyone knows that Buffet contributed heavily to Obama's campaign, and doesn't want him to fail. So he helps Obama out by preventing the Bank of America from failing, all while making a hefty profit in the process! SICKENING!
"You know, Mr. Obama...I own you!"

Narcissist in Chief!

Here he is! Earthquake rattles east what. Hurricane approaching east biggie. Libya in turmoil...he's busy! He wanted this vacation so he could "spend more time" with his kids! He doesn't even see them! He's been on the golf course for the duration! Self Centered, Arrogant, Non-Caring, America Hating, Hypocritical Narcissist in Chief!
"Don't bother me with those disasters right now!"

Unions are destroying America!

You freaking Phoenix UNION Bus drivers have a lot of nerve! How DARE you even CONSIDER going on strike right now, when hundreds of thousands of us have been OUT OF WORK for 2 1/2 years! You bunch of greedy bastards should THANK GOD you have an effin job! You make me sick! As do ALL Unions, who are destroying this country with the help of Obama!

Lucky to even have a job!

Obama: Hypocritical Liar!

At the end of 2008 the debt was 9 trillion. Bush had added $4 trillion of that in his 8 years, which included 911 & Katrina. Candidate Obama said to the crowds: "What Bush did by adding to the debt was irresponsible AND unpatriotic!" Then, he took office and immediately added $4 trillion dollars to the debt in 2 1/2 years! What a HYPOCRITICAL LIAR!

"NEVER question my actions or words!"

Monday, August 22, 2011

Maxine Waters: The Tea Party can go straight to hell!

Dana Perino said today, what if she said that the entire Congressional Black Congress can go straight to hell, there would be hell to pay! That is BS! it's time we level the playing field with these race baiters! They count on White guilt to get away with their crap! Someone needs to bitch slap that moron as well!

Just who does this woman think she is? She needs to be taken down several notches!

Obama = Clueless on Foreign Affairs!

Obama last March, when he started bombing Libya: "This will take only days...not weeks" Here we are 5 months later, the media have given him a free pass unlike what they did to Bush. The chaos is evident in Tripoli, where reports coming out of there are not true, and God only knows where it will go from here. What a leader YOU liberals elected!
Quote: "Duuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh!"

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Notice to Obama, Unions and Acorn!

Hey Obama, and all your Acorn look alike organizations and unions, hear this! You will NOT get away with all the rampant voter fraud you perpetrated in the 2008 elections! We are ready for you this time! We found out all your dirty little illegal tricks, and we'll have all your asses in jail if you try to pull that crap again!

The Trojan Acorn

Muammar al- Gaddafi is Toast!

Obama should pay close attention to what the people are capable of when pushed too far! NEVER underestimate the people's thirst for Freedom! Out from under the government's thumb! We don't want a bunch of detached high paid bureaucrats watching over every aspect of our individual lives, telling us what to do!

"You will never defeat me! Wait...who is that at the door?"

“Operation Castaway”: ATF Sold Guns to Honduran Gangs!

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? When does the Obama administration take responsibility for this and suffer all consequences! First selling deadly weapons to Mexican Cartels. Now selling guns to the notorious MS-13 Gang in Honduras! The “Project Gunrunner” case is now pointing towards possible ATF sales of weapons bound for Honduras, including a reported 1,000 guns to members of the ruthless MS-13 gang. The program may be a spinoff or in some way related to “Operation Castaway,“ and in reports it sounds remarkably similar to ”Operation Fast and Furious.” 
MS-13: "We are BAD MoFo's!