Saturday, July 2, 2011

Exactly What Are Laws Good For?

They break the law, while spitting in law enforcements face! Multitudes of Illegal Aliens marched in Atlanta protesting the new immigrant law, while holding up signs that read: "UNDOCUMENTED-UNAFRAID-UNASHAMED-UNAPOLOGETIC"  So what exactly are laws good for?

Napolitano! What a walking disaster she is!

Where's the sanity? NUMBSKULL Janet Napolitano oversees the TSA, which will make an elderly woman, with cancer, in a wheelchair, take off her soiled diaper so Napolitano's FLUNKIES can check it for explosives! Then Napolitano stands right behind Illegal Mexican Alien teenagers touting the Dream Act, all this while other aliens are scurrying over our porous borders!

4th Of July: Liberals "Bah Humbug" Holiday!

The 4th Of July...Liberals "Bah Humbug" Holiday! For some reason, they HATE celebrating the birth of out great Nation! They want to "Fundamentally" change the entire foundation of America, and sh*t can the Constitution to make way for their new "Progressive" open border, everything's free, anything goes country!

Illegal Mexican Aliens Love America Too?

Oh sure, illegal Mexican aliens love America too, as long as they can feed off of our free entitlement programs and skirt the laws! But they don't love it enough to keep their money here. They send all that back to where THEY belong...Mexico! So Mexico gets the money and doesn't have to care for those who send it! What a sweet deal!

Conservatives Love America More!

Conservatives really do love America more than liberals and progressives! Because we love the Constitution upon which our freedom is based. The left however, is continually looking for ways to bypass or redefine the Constitution to better fit their warped ideology!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Eric Holder...Jack of all Trades!

Where's Eric Holder on the Border? Well he's too busy selling weapons to the Cartel right now! Oh, and he's still got to find some dirt on the 2003 CIA agents that were protecting our country! No time for the New Black Panthers either. Guess we'll be seeing those guys again at the polls come Nov. 2012!

Keep up the good work, liberal left wing media!

In fact, what's surprising this time around, is that the harder the liberal left wingnut media attacks our hopefuls, the more people start to support those being attacked! So, left wing loons, keep up the good work! No GREAT work! We're counting on you for the next 16 months! Don't let us down!

Now may be our best chance to cut WASTEFUL SPENDING!

Promises, Promises! Every President has PROMISED to cut the waste in Government spending! But never has. Maybe by NOT increasing the debt ceiling so Obama and Co. can keep on spending wildly, it will force them to do it once and for all! ESPECIALLY if there's even a slight chance they might not get paid!

Uber Liberal Harvard's Take On The Fourth Of July!

A new Harvard University study finds that July 4th parades energize only Republicans, turn kids into Republicans, and help to boost the GOP turnout of adults on Election Day. Gee, do you think Harvard is a sea of illiterate flaming liberals? Why else would they come to such a biased partisan conclusion?
Liberals don't want any part of the celebration, claiming it is a "Right Wing Exercise" Unbelievable!

What Exactly Is Janet Napolitano's Job Anyway?

Janet Napolitano...exactly what is her job again? Newspaper front page has her standing behind some illegal alien teens, pushing the Dream Act! What? I thought she was supposed to enforce the border laws? Doesn't anybody in the White House check to see if she's doing her job? Oh, I forgot, they aren't doing theirs either!

Eric Holder's Time Will Come!

Dumb Ass Eric Holder is STILL concentrating on going after the CIA from back in 2003! Yet we can't get him to do the right thing in the here and now! And he rubber stamps an action that put 1700 guns in the hands of the Cartels! Well Holder, when you are finally out next year, we will rake your sorry ass over the coals for decades to come!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Did you mean to help finance the Liberal Website "MEDIA MATTERS?"

Know who "MEDIA MATTERS" is? Well know this! They get millions of dollars donations from rich liberals like George Soros, and one of their main focuses it to get rid of FOX news! But guess what? They are run by liberals, hate Conservatives, and they are TAX EXEMPT! Which means you and I are helping finance this piece of crap organization! We need to complain to the IRS BIG TIME! Here's a website run by Media Matters, designed exclusively to attack Fox News and urge people to boycott Fox's Sponsors!

Media Attacks on Bachmann: INSIGNIFICANT!

The media attacks: The only dimwits that are buying into the attacks are liberal morons! Think about it. Does any Conservative give a crap about her John Wayne remark, or any other insignificant mis-statement? Will you not support her because of that? Hell no! The media is trying to muddy the waters! It's all they have after all. No record to brag about. No morals. No plan. No brains!

Boy, liberals can sure dish it out, but can't take it!

Mark Halperin was suspended PERMANENTLY from his duties at MSNBC for insulting President Barack Obama saying he came off as “a dick” during the previous day’s press conference! If it had been against Bush, they would have laughed up a storm and said "Oh Well, what do you expect?" Pathetic Double Standard once again!

First the NFL , Now the NBA....Lockouts!

1st the NFL, now the NBA, Lockouts! We...the fans, could bring all this nonsense to a screeching halt! WE control the purse strings! But that will never happen. Know why? Because of the large number of people from which the term "fan" came from...fanatics! They would trade in their children's supper for a ticket!
When I lived in Green Bay in the mid sixties, I new Bart Starr, Paul Hornung, Max McGee, all the stars! Their pay was in the hundreds, not much. You know what they said? They LOVED to play football! period! We the fans are the reason owners and players get such astronomical pay now. We keep on accepting higher outrageous ticket prices year after year!

Ladies and Gentlemen...I Give You BLOWBAMA!

No One blows more hot air that Obama! Not even Biden, if you can believe that! That's why I think we should start calling Barack Hussein Obama...BlowBama...the largest contributor to "alleged" Global Warming! Someone call Al Gore! Wait...he's busy inventing the internet.

OBAMA: It's Their Fault! And Theirs, and Theirs!

President Obama blamed everybody else for the nation’s problems when in reality he only needs to look into the mirror and blame himself. And you KNOW this arrogant egomaniac narcissist and his equally self absorbed spouse have HUNDREDS of mirrors in the White House for their STRUTTING pleasure!

Humana won't hire smokers...period!

Here comes the ACLU! You can bet they jumped on this immediately! Humana says it won't hire anyone that smokes or tests positive for nicotine! But Liberals say we can't test Welfare/Foodstamp recipients for drugs! Or God forbid, ask them their citizenship status! Humana should have every right to require this! Why would a health care provider want it's employees slowly and deliberately killing themselves? Or setting such a bad example?

OBAMA: Debt deal is urgent!!!

OBAMA: Debt deal is urgent!!! Well Obama, so is securing our border, but you just thumbed your nose at us, and made jokes about moats and alligators! How does it feel?

Obama's Priorities

Obama is pissed off the congress is leaving for a break before voting on the debt ceiling. But it is OK with him that the Supreme Court is taking a THREE MONTH vacation without hearing the ObamaCare argument brought to them by us...the people of the United States!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

OK Screw The Media! New Plan!

OK, new plan! Any time we see or hear the media bash Bachmann, or any other Conservative, that's a feather in OUR cap! It simply proves how threatened they all are, and well should be! We're going to give them a fight they've NEVER seen before! They ushered NoBamma in like a king last time! This time it is going to be MUCH different! We are organized and we are READY! BRING IT!

The Corrupt Liberal Media ...Who Needs Them?

We Conservatives need to just accept that the media will always be liberal corrupt! They will always be against us. Why the hell would we want the likes of a Chris (tingle up my leg) Matthews, or Rachel Mad Dog Maddow, George "Snuffleupagus"or any of the other lowlife media to like us anyway! That would just poison us! SCREW THEM!

United States Better Prepare For Anarchy!

OMG! Prepare for Anarchy! I'm watching the citizens of Greece go completely ape sh#it over reforms which will save Greece, but take freebies away from them! This is our future! Half this country doesn't pay taxes, and a huge number are "fraudulently" receiving benefits of all kinds! It cannot last! And will not! We're BROKE! Let us prepare for the onslaught!

It Starts! Time to dig up dirt on Michele Bachmann!

Democrats and their bed buddies, the lamestream media, are frantically filing freedom of information requests in order to dig up every little thing Bachmann has ever done! We looked back to 2008 and noticed that the media never did that for Obama! Maybe the bigger goal here is to get a GOP President in order to get the media out of bed with the White House!

Obama Pilfered Our Strategic Oil Reserves!!!!

Obama Pilfered Our Strategic Oil Reserves in an attempt to gain political points! BIG SURPRISE! Obama just WASTED our Strategic Oil Reserves in an attempt to manipulate oil prices long term! Just before he did it, oil was $92 a barrel. Right after, it dropped to $89. Right now it is up to $95 a barrel! And we're short of the oil we might need in an emergency!!!! KNUCKLEHEAD! IDIOT! How many times do we have to say it?

Texas Vets Told Not to Use 'God' During Services

First NBC disses God in the Pledge of Allegiance, now, Texas Veterans are told not to use God in their services! It is time we tell these Godless Atheists SCREW YOU! We're saying what we want and you can stick it up your asses! Go ahead, sue us! We won't show up! Go ahead, try to jail all of us! We're done and we are not taking any more of this crap, PERIOD!

Obama Play The Clinton Card?

Hear the latest White House rumor? There's actually talk of replacing Biden with Hillary if things get to looking really bad for Obama's chances! I have a hard time believing she would accept being his vice "clown"! I could however see her jumping in and challenging him for the Presidency! The Clintons hate Obama!

Obama...the tsunami is coming!

Better grab your pants Obama, and hold on tight! You're about to be pants by a woman! A woman who has more brain cells in her little finger than you have in your fat head! It's coming! And you are in big trouble! Her campaign slogan? "YES SHE CAN!" and "YES SHE WILL!" We'll see how YOU like it!

Obama and Bachmann Debate Without Teleprompters?

This will be RICH! Michele Bachmann will not use teleprompters in a debate with Obama! He's TOAST! Hopefully his personal puppetmaster will be there to move Obama's mouth! This guy is LOST without his words being pre-written by someone else! He even used teleprompters in a 5th grade classroom!

Joe (both feet in mouth) Biden

Joe (both feet In mouth) Biden couldn't run an auction, much less the Vice Presidency! How in the world did that token white DUFUS ever get in there? I think the Obama slobbering liberals would've accepted Howdy Doody as long as Obama got in! Bonus...Howdy Doody is much smarter than Biden. And white!

Greece, The United States, and Handouts!

Have you seen Greece today? That's us very soon! Our government has given handouts to the undeserved for so long, it will be like trying to separate a meth addict from his stash! When that happens, violence ensues! Deadbeats will fight to the death for their handouts! They don't want to work! Period!

More Liberal Double Standards!

Liberal Double Standard part 2: They demean rich CONSERVATIVES, preaching "spread the wealth you rich pigs!", but RICH Democrats like Pelosi, Kerry, and Celebrities like Springsteen and hundreds of others, they can keep theirs, and some even get illegal tax breaks by buying land and "claiming" it's FARM LAND! Or like Kerry, mooring his boat in another district to avoid taxes!

The Liberal Code of Double Standards!

Liberals have always had two standards, both which suit them just fine! They preach TOLERANCE, telling us all that we must show complete tolerance and accept Gays, lesbians, Illegal Aliens, etc. But when it comes to any Conservative Woman, or Black Conservative, or ANY Conservative for that matter, they ATTACK, SMEAR and SLANDER until their prey surrenders!

Janet Napolitano...the DUNCE!

Is there a bigger DUNCE than Napolitano? When she was Governor here, she pushed DC for border security. The minute her hero Obama hired her, she threw us under the bus, and might as well just stick her finger in a dike (no pun intended) to keep it from breaching! That's the same thing she's doing when it comes to stopping the flow of drugs, illegals and violence pouring over the border! NOTHING!

We Really Shouldn't Be That Surprised!

We shouldn't be surprised. This irresponsible, all knowing, Omnipotent, sorry excuse for a president ALWAYS goes around through the back door to get what he wants if he can't do it the right, legal way! He is the sneak of all sneaks! He can't get anything though legitimately, because nothing he tries makes any sense whatsoever! And he gets all the help he needs from his brain dead posse, or Cabinet! And let's not forget Joe "open mouth, insert both feet" Biden!

Majority Rules! Yea Right.

We've got lone Federal Judges all over the place blocking important laws that "We The People" have passed by majority! I don't get it! I always thought Majority Rules! It seemed to work well when the Democrats had it...owning the House, the Senate AND the Presidency! Oh, I get it. Majority only pertains to the left!

The Dream Act Fiasco!

BACK DOOR AMNESTY! We can't get brain dead Napolitano to secure our border, but by golly there she was supporting the Dream Act! Sure, let the Illegal Alien kids stay, then of course you can't separate them from their parents, or cousins, that would be cruel! Hell, bring all the families over too! Who needs a border!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Obama and Company and Allowance!

Remember when you're parents gave you allowance? And you said it wasn't enough? They always said "Well it's all you're getting this week, so you'd BETTER MAKE IT LAST! It's time to relay that message to the Nimrods running (I use that term loosely) this country!

Dinner with Barack and Joe contest! No Kidding!

OMG! You thought you'd seen it all? Now Obama, in order to raise money to try to beat us next year, is having a "DINNER WITH BARACK and JOE" Contest! No Joke! (well except those two jokes) He used OUR White House to film this campaign commercial! How dare he!Where does it end? Dumb ass liberals will be lining up for this chance to eat with their losers! You must check mark the requirements that are listed in order to enter. The first one being: "I am a United States citizen or a lawfully admitted permanent resident of the United States" ....I guess it matters here for some reason!

We're screwing them good on this!

Which Democrats and Liberals are my comments directed at?

Let me clear something up. My comments about Democrats and Liberals pertain ONLY to those who actually STILL SUPPORT this "One Man Wrecking Ball" Idiot Obama and his sidekicks, and those who are unbelievably still planning on voting for him again!

The Liberal Media, Michele Bachmann's Kids, Obama's Kids

The Overwhelming Liberal Media is Disgusting! ABC's George "Snuffleupagus" had the gall to ask Michele Bachmann if her 23 Foster Children were "READY" for the media storm that will follow her if she runs for President! Sounds like he knows what's going to happen to those poor kids, as he will be part of it! These people make me sick! Yet Michelle Obama is not worried about HER kids in the limelight, because she says "Fortunately, we have help from the media. I have to say this: I am very grateful for the support and kindness that we've gotten. People have respected their privacy, and in that way, no matter what people may feel about my husband's policies or what-have-you, they care about children, and that's been good to see."


CONSERVATIVES: Please remember this, and fight back! EVERY AVALANCHE BEGINS WITH ONE FLAKE! And it's usually a LIBERAL! Eliminated Prayer and God from schools, Get rid of the Pledge of Allegiance, Nativity Scenes, change the name of Christmas Holidays, trash the Constitution, etc. That's their agenda, and we MUST stop them from doing any more damage to the values of our great country!

Pledge of Allegiance in trouble AGAIN!

Eugene City Council finally compromised after trying to ELIMINATE the Pledge at meetings! They compared it to the "COMMUNIST MANIFESTO"! One lady said the Pledge showed loyalty to one country, and SHE is a citizen of the WORLD! Well, I say she go out and explore the WORLD, and don't come back! They actually claim the Pledge of Allegiance DIVIDES us rather than unites us! Yes it does! PATRIOTS on one side, NUMBSKULL LIBERALS on the other! Remember this you idiots...without those Patriots responsible for the pledge, your sorry asses wouldn't even be here to do this!

Liberals...Why Oh Why?

Sadly, No one knows the answer to why liberals are liberal...or better yet, why anyone would support this complete failure of a president one more day. It's beyond belief! They truly must be brainwashed and brain dead, or on something, because ANYONE with any "common sense" knows better!

Democrats try to attack Michele Bachmann

The best that the Democrats could come up with yesterday to attach Michele Bachmann was say she misspoke about where John Wayne was born! That's UNFORGIVABLE! I say everyone in all 57 states should be appalled at that! Right Barack Hussein Obama???...THE PRESIDENT! Oh wait, it's 58 states right? He still had one more to go at 57!

Monday, June 27, 2011

UNRIVALED ARROGANCE of the Spendthrift Obamas!

TRIP COST: $750,000! Our country is HEMORRHAGING money! So where has Michelle Obama been? Why on an African Safari with her daughters and their cousins...on our dime! That little excursion could have paid for 15 full time jobs for a full year at $50,000 each! I'd have taken one! This goes to the arrogance of the Obamas because they are so in bed with the media!

MIGRANTS? I Think Not!

Migrants? I think NOT! As far as I'm concerned, they are knowingly coming across the border ILLEGALLY, and are from a foreign country, hence they are "Illegal Aliens." The term "migrants" is what Obama wants people to call them so he can get their votes. I can hear the ass kissing from here!

Obama Lovers...what is their excuse?

Isn't it funny how Obama lovers don't take anything serious? After all this tragedy, they still say things like "Oh isn't he wonderful?" or "He is the best President EVER!" or "I just love Obama!" I just want to know what they are smoking? Or drinking! Because that's the ONLY excuse that would be valid! Otherwise, it would mean they are just plain Dumb as a ROCK! And there's NO excuse for that!

Jon Stewart claims Fox News Viewers are less informed!

Jon Stewart claims Fox News Viewers were the least informed. Not true! PolitFact looked at surveys on the subject and finds that Fox viewers do relatively well and outperform CNN and MSNBC! Turns out, Stewart was basing his "opinion" on a December study by (PIPA) at U of Maryland. But David Zurawik correctly points out that the questions were absurdly biased and, indeed, sometimes treated liberal opinion as fact!

Stimulus Money Simply Disappeared? Not Really!

Where did almost one $TRILLION$ dollars in stimulus go? It certainly didn't create many private sector jobs! Here's a clue: The Government has almost DOUBLED in size since Barack Hussein Obama stepped into the driver's seat! Gee, that explains a lot! Government workers old and new got it all! And guess who they are going to vote for come 2012???

National Debt...CATASTROPHIC!


Disgraceful! TSA, OBAMA, and the BORDER!

DISGRACEFUL! An elderly woman of 95 battling leukemia and barely able to stand was asked to remove an adult diaper by the TSA. At the same time we have porous borders, Obama laughing and thumbing his nose at us, and the Feds don't enforce immigration laws! When will we stop tolerating this and DEMAND action?

Trying to Teach Math to a Liberal!

Cutting taxes won't lower the deficit! Of course not, as long as we don't cut SPENDING as well! When Democrats are forced to cut taxes, they simply spend more, which nullifies it instantly! Then they argue: See, I told you that wouldn't work! Hey dummies, You can't put cash into your wallet, and then spend more on your credit card, and come out ahead! Get a calculator! Do the math! Jeeze!

Brain Washed Brain Dead Liberals!

STOP WASTING YOUR BREATH! If you are trying to convince a liberal of the error of their ways, and they watch the following shows or stations: Bill Mahr, Jon Stewart, The Colbert Report, Rachel Maddow, NBC,CBS and ABC...they have been brainwashed to the point of being brain DEAD! Forget about it! It would be easier to bring Bin laden back to life!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Obama's Re-election Strategy

Obama and company's whole strategy for winning re-election is to smear, smear, smear, and lie, lie, lie, and scare, scare, scare! They have nothing else! NOTHING! They CERTAINLY can't run on his RECORD so far!! (laughing my ass off in the background)

I don't blow smoke! I mean what I say!

I've ALWAYS said what I meant...and meant what I said! There's no tip toeing around something of this magnitude! The systematic destruction of the country I love! We have to pull out ALL stops to defeat this Dictator in 2012! If we don't, it will indeed be the saddest day in American History, because of the FUTURE harm and destruction it will usher in!

Obama's Deficit...SO FAR!

Obama has singlehandedly added 3 $TRILLION$, yes, that's THREE TRILLION DOLLARS to the deficit since he first stepped foot into the White House! HOLY CRAP! Who does he expect to pay that back? With Interest? His kids? Hell no! They'll be tax exempt somehow! Thanks a bunch you Pompous Ass!

John Adams on our Constitution

“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” John Adams. Well, that leaves out the entire Democratic party! Maybe they should LEAVE!

Michelle Obama's "Goodwill" African Tour...on OUR Dime!

While in Africa, on a "goodwill" tour with her kids and their cousins, on OUR dime, Michelle Obama dribbled the ball and did push-ups on the floor with Bishop Tutu while the children cheerfully shouted out Obama's famous election slogan, "Yes we can!" Apparently, the South Africans who have "disdain" for America, welcomed HER with open arms! So why does she visit a country that doesn't like HER country? And where is the "Goodwill" tour of our country, which is hurting and self-destructing? Well, that's what the Obama's ultimate goal is...destroy us from within, and rebuild into the country THEY want and can control!

The ARROGANCE of the Obamas!

Our country is HEMORRHAGING money, so much so that a tourniquet won't help and every single dollar matters! So where has Michelle Obama been? Why on an African Safari with her daughters and their cousins...on our dime! This goes to the arrogance of the Obamas. They are so in bed with the media, they aren't afraid to do ANYTHING in public!