Saturday, June 18, 2011

News Flash! Bombing someone is NOT HOSTILE!

Obama ignored Pentagon and Justice Dept lawyers, instead latching onto legal advice from inside the White House and the State Department that the bombing missions fell short of "hostilities" and that they could continue without the green light from Congress. EXCUSE ME?? Bombing is NOT HOSTILE? Morons! If BUSH were bombing Libya, the left would be calling it the apocalypse!

Clinton's Indiscretions were not simply just a "Bad Decision"!

What Clinton did was not a one time decision...that he regretted. It was a consorted sleazy ONGOING DAILY DECISION to cheat on his wife, and disgrace not only the people's Oval Office, but the office of the President of the United States! You cannot put Lewinski and Clinton in the same category. When you are President of the free world, you are held to much higher standards, not those of a teenager!

Friday, June 17, 2011

For the Last Time...No, Bush Did Not Lie To Us!

I must take issue with people who still claim Bush lied. Bush did not lie to us! Period! He was looking at the very same intelligence as congress, who voted to go into Iraq. Blame the incompetent intelligence agencies, but don't call Bush a liar. There is NO way that he would LIE to us about something so severe and costly. I am surprised you would think he did. He relied on bad intelligence, as did everyone else!

Better watch out for those Christian Militants!

Please make it stop! The Senate hearings on Muslim Terrorists resumed this week, and Liberal Numbskull Sheila Jackson Lee asked the committee: "Shouldn't we be looking into Christian Militants who want to bring down the country?" WHAT? I haven't seen a Christian fly a jetliner into a building lately!

"Exterminate All White People From The Face Of This Planet!"

Former Professor Kamau Kambon NC State University: We must EXTERMINATE ALL WHITE PEOPLE! That's the only answer! We have to exterminate white people off the face of this planet! And the new black panthers defend him and agree with him! Yea, that'll help heal race relations!

I jest LUV me some Obama! He gonna take cur of me!

I LOVES me some Obama! There are MULTITUDES out there that feel that way! America has become the leader in entitlements...freebies...mostly to people who don't pay a penny in Income Tax! Where does the money come from to do this? Look in your wallet or purse! It used to be there!

Obama should become a Mexican Citizen!

DO YOU SEE A TREND HERE? Obama sides with Mexico AGAINST Arizona! He takes over GM. Then he sends $540$ Million dollars to Mexico plus countless jobs, to produce GM motors there! What happened to investing in the US? What is the matter with this CLOWN? He hates's that simple!

Debbie Wasserman Shultz...CLUELESS!

This will FROST YOUR BEHIND! Will they EVER get it? It's like they are living in Seinfeld's Bizarro World, and see things that aren't really there! Somebody in the Democratic Party...PLEASE get a clue! The economy is NOT improving...nor has it STARTED to improve! I guess if you're dead set on voting for this loser again, you have to ignore the facts...else you'd be stupid!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Obama's Solution...Tax The Rich Even More!

This Obama had people getting tingling up there leg! He promised over and over and over to "Change" once and for all several things...of which he's done NONE! And on top of that, he is making matters worse with his ridiculous harmful policies and SPENDING! He wants to tax the rich even more so he can SPEND EVEN MORE!

Jobs?...I think not!

Obama took over a sinking ship, and instead of trying to save it, he promptly began DRILLING HOLES IN THE BOTTOM...causing us to sink even faster! Instead of getting us back to work, he spent the first year plus shoving his dumb ass OBAMACARE down our throats! So we end up spending another $TRILLION$! And still no jobs!

Old Liberals Argument Falls On Deaf Ears!

I just love the liberal argument that "Republicans did it too" Can't use that one anymore! Don't you remember how Obama got elected? He promised you liberals that he was going to do the opposite of what he said was "illegal" behavior of Republicans! He has broken almost every promise he made to you in order to get your vote! You should all be appalled!
And if you Liberals vote for him AGAIN, after he bamboozled you so handily, well then there is no hope for you anyway! Any attempt at debating you is a waste of breath and energy. You can fix ignorance easy enough...but STUPID is forever!

Why Didn't Clinton Have To Resign?

How come Clinton didn't have to resign? He is the king of ALL perverts...lied constantly to our faces! He disgraced OUR Oval Office, turning it into the "Oral Office and Cigar Lounge." And thanks to him, our children don't think what he did was sex! He is Liberal's go to guy...Hero...King...Anointed One ...Infallible!

Obama Do His Real Job? Come on now!

Obama has ALWAYS had his eyes off the #1 issue! He's always golfing, on Oprah, on The View, vacationing, schmoozing Brazil, Puerto Rico, collecting the Nobel Peace Prize, playing ping pong, basketball, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING besides his freaking JOB! And his side kick Biden might as well be a door stop!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Gun Owners In America...Take Notice!

GUN OWNERS: Did you know that Obama and his cronies are trying to compile a list of Americans with guns and what kinds they have? Unbelievable! I guess we'll have to buy some back from the Mexican Cartels to keep it secret!

Obama, Weapons, and the Cartels

This is incomprehensible! Our government...led by the all powerful and infallible Barack Obama, is responsible for getting a large cache of deadly weapons into Mexico! That makes him and his cohorts guilty of conspiracy to murder! They might as well have gone down there and handed those weapons to the cartel!


It's like sheep to the shepherd! You can hear the liberals....baaaa baaaa...baaa...OH baaa maaa! They cannot and will not think for themselves. The government has to do THAT for them too! Remember, those that voted for him and will vote again for him, want everything from their government!

TUSD ethnic studies program found out of compliance

Arizona Dept of Education audit has found the Tucson Unified School District Ethnic Studies program out of compliance by: 1. Promote overthrowing the U.S. government; 2. Promote resentment towards a race or class of people; 3. Are designed primarily for pupils of a particular ethnic race; and 4. Advocate ethnic solidarity instead of the treatment of pupils as individuals."

Obama blames ATMs for his ills!

Good Grief! Where is the fairness in reporting? Today, Obama had the gall to blame ATMs in part for the 20% unemployment/underemployment rate! Talk about grasping at straws! Can't he take the blame...just once...for something he himself has done? And why won't the media call him on it? They NEVER do!

Voter Fraud...a huge issue for 2012

Why is it so difficult to get a handle on Voter Fraud? Every citizen of the US must have a SS card, if they want to work, or get entitlements. It's simple! One SS number(of age) vote! That's it! If computers detect 2 or more people try to vote with the same number, those ballots are kicked out and investigated.

Liberals and misinformed!

I just heard a liberal on the radio saying that any Republican that opposes Obamacare, is an idiot! I say, where does this idiot liberal think the money is going to come from...a tree in the back yard of the White House? No! It comes from us, and stealing $500 Million$ from Medicare! READ THE FACTS before opining!

Pelosi's Wealth

Anyone else out there that is hurting financially, or can't find a job to save your life, wondering why Nancy Pelosi's wealth has increased 62 percent? I think these rich snob Democrats should start listening to Obama...and spread their wealth around! Practice what they preach for once!

OBAMA: RockStar or Actor...NOT President!

I think I've figured this out. Obama should have gone to Hollywood and tried his luck at acting...or maybe a Rock Star! That's what he loves! Hobnobbing with the elite, getting a lot of attention, photo ops, eating up the cheering by the Obama Groupies! He's got all that down pat! It's the "WORK" part he doesn't get!

DNC Debbie Wasserman Schultz Load of BS!

DNC Debbie Wasserman Schultz: "We were able to, under President Obama's leadership, turn this economy around." When challenged with the facts, revised it to: "We have definitely BEGUN to turn the economy around" WHAT? That's like me sitting upright in a recliner, saying "I have BEGUN to get up and go jogging!",_or_something! 

Wisconsin Deals A Blow To Behemoth Unions!

Congrats to Gov Walker! There will be more! Fact is...Unions have become bully behemoths and outgrown their usefulness...back when they protected the worker who was taken advantage of. They have completely reversed the rolls and are taking advantage of their power to DEMAND more than they are entitled to! Period!

Obama: King of the World!

Obama was in Puerto Rico promising them jobs...he went to Brazil...promising to help THEM drill for oil and promising we will buy it! Meanwhile, he has done NOTHING helpful for us! Please help me out with this. Is he OUR president? Or King of the world? And why do we have him in the White House?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Obama's Whining Is Unfounded!

Obama is constantly whining that he was handed the worst economy since WWII. NOT TRUE! Carter left Reagan with...are you ready for this? A record 11.8% Unemployment...13.8% Inflation...and this one I remember most, because I purchased my first home then...a WHOPPING 21.5% Mortgage Interest Rate!
Reagan came in after Carter, and (1) Cut Taxes (2) Cut Spending (3) installed
Anti-Inflation Measures like QUIT PRINTING MONEY! (4) De-Regulation so businesses could thrive and hire! By the end of his term, unemployment dropped from 11.8% to 5.3% creating 20 MILLION jobs! He is rolling in his grave!

Dems and Conservatives...the big difference!

If you want to make a Conservative mad, lie to him. If you want to piss off a liberal, tell them the Truth! Liberals shine the light in your face, and call that enlightenment, while we conservatives shine the light in front of you, so you can see the way! That's why we are right, and that's why we will win!!

The only Solace...Thank Goodness!

I just hope that when we throw this idiot out, we can stop the downhill slide and start to mend this country! The only solace, is that Obama doesn't have that numbskull Pelosi driven house majority anymore, so we've slowed the bleeding some!

Obama: "One term is enough"

Obama: "One term is enough" That's true! 4 years is all he needed to accomplish his irreversible massive damage to the US economy so that the government (liberal) would have to step in, save everyone, and create a nation full of dependents! Socialism! Don't you wonder why NONE of his plans to fix the economy have worked? He doesn't WANT them to!

Obama and the Left's Goal...

Obama is accomplishing his goal...which is to destroy America's economy from within, create chaos, then dependence, so that his vision (and many on the left) for Socialism will finally come true! One ruler with +300 million servants and dependents.

The Far left Agenda!

Let's Face It! If the far left gets their way, they will Sh#t-can the entire Constitution, and throw the Ten Commandments in there with them! The radical Muslims would declare a holiday if that ever happens...and declare VICTORY as well! The landslide began when one person got Prayer eliminated from Schools!


OBAMA IS THE JOKER! Isn't Obama just the funniest guy!? He's a laugh and a half alright! EXCEPT me and MILLIONS of Americans, who don't have jobs, or who's Businesses are going under DON"T THINK IT"S A LAUGHING MATTER! You IDIOT! Wipe that smile off your face! And your laughing side kick too!

We Really Need "Trump-Like" Tactics!

I don't believe Trump could get elected, but I will say this. I like the way he is not AFRAID to state the horrific issues this country is facing, Obama's MANY failures, and could care less what the opposition thinks, or even says about it! We need a leader exactly like that!

Obama and his FBI

Don't you just love this Obama guy? You know, the guy that when campaigning, LAMBASTED Bush's Patriot Act RELENTLESSLY! In order to get elected! Well, yesterday, the FBI, UNDER OBAMA, was given MORE leeway on surveillance tactics, making it much more easy to check up on ANYONE!

Weiner Takes A Leave.

So now Weiner is taking a "Two Week Leave of Absence"...or basically a PAID (by taxpayers) Vacation! Probably to catch up on Tweets! Or stare at himself in the mirror. Or work on his lying skills. Or hound dog more innocent girls. Or get some well needed tutoring from Clinton...the king of all hound dogs!

Lincoln was a VERY VERY Smart Man!

Lincoln: "The Constitution says that no one man should hold the power of bringing this oppression upon us." As Lincoln put it, the alternative approach (which we have actually followed in the last sixty years) "places our President where kings have always stood." Smart people get us into stupid (and wrongful) wars, and their equally smart successors won't get us out of them.

The Lamestream Media's 'Slobbering Love Affair' with Obama!

I find it incredible that I haven't heard ANYTHING derogatory about Obama still having us active in Libya! With Bush, the media storm blew in each and every day!!! Slobbering Love affair between the lamestream media and Obama administration! They can do NO WRONG!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Obama's on again off again fling with Wall Street!

Remember when Obama Demonized the fat cats on Wall Street? Well, now he needs their money to win re-election! So, through the DNC, he invited them to the White House for an impromptu fund raiser...totally ILLEGAL! But what does Obama care! Most of what he does is illegal or unconstitutional!

Obama's Rose Colored Glasses!

Today Obama claimed he's created 2 million jobs! Are you kidding me? He must be looking through those rose colored glasses know...the ones where he sees 57 states instead of only 50!

Most of the violence in the Middle East is Muslim on Muslim!

Maybe jihadists will save us the trouble and kill each other off! Most of them over there don't know any better. The children are born with a rifle in hand! Then in school, they are taught how and who to hate! We need to get out of there and wait for the dust to settle! Maybe have some covert undercover operatives stay behind and listen to the chatter and keep us updated!

Sanity Check for Obama Voters....

I won't say anything terrible about those who may have voted for Obama in 2008, because they were fed up with Bush, and wanted anything that was different. I get that...sort of. HOWEVER, if, after this 30 months of dire misery, if they vote for him again in 2012...they are in serious need of therapy and medication!!

Famous Obama Quote of the today!

  •  Another Famous Obama quote today, about the $TRILLION$ he wasted on the Stimulus: "The shovel ready jobs...were not as shovel we expected." Wow, this guy is SHARP!

Whiny Whiny Weiner...What A Baby!

Why won't Whiny Weiner Man up? Typical Left winger caught with his pants down! Republican Chris Lee only sent a twitter pic of himself shirtless, nothing compared to Weiner's "SOCK STUFFED" boxers. Yet Lee admitted it, no whining, no drama. He apologized and removed himself from office! But Whittle Bitty Weiner, he's so sad...he doesn't want to give up his cushy job with all the perks! The jerk's only been married a year! He's a pathetic loser! Bill the one who presided over the wedding. Well, that spelled doom right from the start! Weiner forgot Clinton's words of wisdom "Do as I say...not as I do!"

Obama In La La Land!

What LA LA LAND is Obama living in?? Obama: "Today, the single most serious economic problem we face is getting people back to work," "We stabilized the economy, we prevented a financial meltdown and an economy that was shrinking is now growing." You did WHAT??? You prevented WHAT? The economy is WHAT? Are you freaking crazy? 
By the is two and a half years too late to mention the most serious problem we face! You were so concerned with jamming that Health care law down our throats, taking over GM, and spending us into oblivion with no real results! 

Politician's Disorders

There seems to be an underlying disorder that politicians get when in office for a time. Narcissism! It makes them think they are above all laws and ethics. They believe they are "all that", and send lewd photos and messages to women thinking they like that. They stare into mirrors and gaze in amazement!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Note To God.....

Oh Please Lord...let the Americans with Brains come forward and vote! 
for a change! (WE can believe in)

Cat Scans of our "LEADERS" (Term used lightly)

WELL THIS EXPLAINS A LOT! They just did a Cat Scan of Janet Napolitano's head...and all they could see was a RAISIN. That's it! When they did Obama's, it was an acorn! They did Biden, and sadly, saw nothing at all! When they got to Weiner...the equipment imploded!

The Situation Under Obama...

Our current Federal Government: no backbone, no character, no ethics, no morals, no brains, no clue, no future! Help us in Arizona? No Way!

A Third Party and the upcoming Election

I would be scared to death to try a third party for this upcoming election. It is just too dangerous. We cannot afford another 4 years of this clown, and a third party would divide the vote into 3, most likely with a majority going to OBAMA! The Conservative/Republican votes would be split between 2 parties! Obama would only have to get a little more than a third of the votes to win. Unacceptable!

If a REPUBLICAN had said this.....

If a REPUBLICAN had said this...Peter Fonda: “I’m training my grandchildren to use long-range rifles. For what purpose? Well, I’m not going to say the words ‘Barack Obama’, but. . .” YET not a peep from the "lamestream media"! SICK TO DEATH OF THE DOUBLE STANDARD IN REPORTING!

Obama's $TRILLION$ Stimulus Disaster!

GREAT JOB OBAMA! Wow, your $Trillion$ Stimulus was such a stroke of GENIUS! BUT WAIT! Never mind! I see the lines for new people needing Food Stamps, Welfare, Medicare, jobs are still getting longer every day...and start lining up at 5am each morning! This after two years? I changed my mind. You're an IDIOT!