Friday, June 16, 2017


TALK ABOUT BURKAS ON STEROIDS! I wonder how these Muslim women really feel about this atrocity forced upon them by sadistic MUSLIM MEN!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

WHEN are Obama and Clinton going to be punished for BENGHAZI?

WHEN are Obama and Clinton going to be punished for BENGHAZI? We will never forget! Not until it is done! LIFE in PRISON for both!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Londoners must be oh so safe with these two bozos protecting them!

Tell the truth! Wouldn't you feel SAFE with this Muslim Mayor and Lesbo Chief of Police to protect you?

NO WONDER London is in deep trouble!

London has a MUSLIM MAYOR. And check out this Lesbo Chief of Police Cressida Dick! Is it any wonder the city is in dire straights? WAKE UP!

Saturday, June 3, 2017

STUPID LIBERALUNATICS call for gun control to end terrorism!

MUSLIMS don't need guns! Not when vehicles work so well, so quick, so effective with multiple casualties, 1 driver!

ANOTHER DWI: Driving While Islamic

Just now: Muslim drives Van into Pedestrians at London Bridge, Multiple Injuries! DWI: Driving While Islamic

The Inconvenient Truth About the EVIL Democratic Party

The Inconvenient Truth About the EVIL Democratic Party as told by...wait for it...  A BLACK WOMAN! That's right!


THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD BAND'S NEW ALBUM! Buy this to help finance Jihad! Obama will thank you personally!

Couldn't happen to a nicer left wing psychopath!

KATHY GRIFFIN GETS THE AX From Last Theater in her upcoming Comedy Tour!

Friday, June 2, 2017

AGAIN? REALLY? Stick your gun control up your asses!

AGAIN? REALLY? Stick your gun control up your asses! "Hollywood Pushes Gun Control with Wear Orange Campaign."

Here is my OLD Twitter Account

Here is my OLD Twitter Account that they simply dissolved with no recourse! 24,000 followers. 79,000 TWEETS! All gone! That is BULLSHIT!

This is the ASS CLOWN of the century AL GORE!

This is the ASS CLOWN of the century that started it all! Phony Climate Change! Got super rich because of it!

Liberal Idiots are melting down over Trump's pull out of Global Warming Initiative (Lie) They are really something, don't you think?

Ain't it the truth! Allah Akbar of soap please!

THIS is the MUSLIM father of the MUSLIM TERRORIST Omar Mateen, a 29-year-old security guard, that killed 49 people and wounded 53! The DEMOCRATIC PARTY and HILLARY CLINTON invited this scum to the Democratic Convention 2016 and allowed him to speak! OUTRAGEOUS!

Al Franken Disinvites Kathy Griffin from Book Event

Al Franken Disinvites Kathy Griffin from Book Event It's ALL ABOUT THE POCKETBOOK with these slime-ball Liberal celebrities/politicians! That's it! Nothing else! He realized this would affect his book sales...pure and simple! She only apologized...sort of...when she started bleeding money!

Liberals never stop lowering the bar for stupidity!

Pelosi: "Trump Dishonored God By Walking Away From Paris Accord" SAYS THE BITCH that supports late term abortions and baby parts selling! LINK:

There is no Freedom of Speech for the little guy!

My twitter @TomFrancois with 24,000 followers was suspended for LIFE for quoting a Muslim screaming "Allah Akbar..I kill you!" Ooops! I just did it again! Oh well...  It took 4 years to get 24,000 followers and Twitter simply wiped my account out of existence without any recourse or debate! DONE! The end!

Kathy Griffin said this in an interview last December!

“It’s not about trying to be an equal-opportunity offender anymore because Hillary got such a beat down. It’s his turn. So I’m happy to deliver beat down to Donald Trump — and also to Barron! You know a lot of comics are going to go hard for Donald, my edge is that I’ll go direct for Barron. I’m going to get in ahead of the game,” she added.

That's the type of person we're dealing with here! And you really think she's sorry for the Trump head stunt? No way! She is evil! 


No bigger Hypocrites than Liberal celebrities!

DeCaprio to celebrity buddies: Hey I'm flying my jet to DC to protest Trump on climate change! You wanna come with?"  Everyone replied: "No thanks, we'll take our own jets!"

No one puts on a Circus like brain dead Liberal Celebrities!

To Griffin and her dipshit lawyer! Would you be defending someone who did the very same thing with OBAMA'S head? Huh? NO FREAKING WAY!

What a second! Who is building a wall to keep people out?

Oh Oh!! You're really gonna piss Obama off! Build That Wall: Turkey’s Plan to Seal Borders with Iraq, Iran! 

Only Scum like the media and celebrities have access to microphones that reach millions!

It is SO UNFAIR that scum like this can get air time to reach millions and we can't! Chelsea Handler Wants Ivanka Trump to Tell Her ‘F*cking A**hole’ Father He Should Support Abortion!

Bitch Hater Kathy Griffin BLAMES TRUMP for what she did!

I KNEW IT! Bitch Hater Kathy Griffin BLAMES TRUMP for what she did, conjures up phony crocodile tears trying to garner sympathy! PATHETIC!

PATHETIC DISPLAY! Griffin Blames Trump for all her woes! And for simulating his beheading! Starts at 41 Minutes:

I was raided by Secret Service for LAMPOONING Obama! Griffin demands freedom of speech covers simulate beheading of POTUS! Double Standards!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Kathy Griffin posts photo of Trumps head cut off...and now claims SHE is the VICTIM?

YOU'VE GOT TO BE JOKING! Kathy Griffin to Hold Press Conference to Address ‘Bullying’ from Trump Family over POTUS beheading photo! WHAT? Now SHE IS THE VICTIM? This goes way beyond insanity! Alinky's rules for radicals on CRACK!

Mexicans think they are funny! The last laugh will be on THEM!

Mexican Business to Launch Trump Toilet Paper! BUT WAIT! We haven't used up all of THIS stupid beaners!

LIBERALS are the epitome of evil backstabbing hypocrites!

You LIBERALS are the biggest bunch of delicate crybaby pussies ever! Look at you cross-eyed and you melt down! But you can sure dish it out!

This Snowflake Crybaby Stuff is going way to far! GROW UP little wimps!

LSU Students demand the school eliminate its 122-year-old tiger mascot, because the animal represents “white privilege” and “racism.”

Climate Change Legacy? I think not! DOWN IT GOES where it belongs!

Obama Criticizes Trump for Killing Climate Change Legacy! NO...he killed the 'Climate Change Lie!"

So THIS is Freedom of Expression...but I have no Freedom of Speech?

WTF? How are these POS so called 'artists' getting away with this? Marylin Manson shows beheaded Trump in new video!

HUGE Double Standard between Liberals and Conservatives!

Trump ‘Beheading’ Photographer Stands By His Art: "I Can’t Censor Myself" Well then why an I being censored everywhere I turn? For nothing?

MUSLIMS ARE CONSISTENT! Terror every day without fail!

EVERY SINGLE DAY WITHOUT FAIL! Muslim Gunmen Attack Luxury Resort in Manila!

Kathy Griffin continues to get the pocketbook!

FITTING PUNISHMENT! Bankrupt her sick sorry ass. Route 66 Casino Cancels Griffin Show after ‘Beheading’ Photo!

Jim Carrey is as sick as Griffin!

Jim Carrey Advises Kathy Griffin to Double Down with Trump’s ‘Severed Leg’! Here he is with his newly grown enormous DICK DUSTER...


Little Nazi Pussy, Mark Suck-a-dick, thinks he is KING!
He controls MILLIONS of people on Facebook!
What he says goes! We need to DITCH HIM!

Our Public Schools are a JOKE! But it's a dangerous evil joke!

Praying to some evil entity named Allah via Muhammad

Muslims Pray...and Hate in the Same Breath! Non Muslims, Did you know The Koran says you & I are Kafirs, or unclean, on a level with feces, urine, corpses, blood, semen, and the sweat of unclean animals, and can be killed, our property appropriated, our womenfolk and children enslaved! Jews and Christians are despised as “apes and pigs”! Islam`s womenfolk shouldn't shake hands with the Kafir because that would make them unclean and thus their prayers invalid. 

Janjaweed Muslim Terrorists! Just another name for demented inbred Muslims!

FS1’s Shannon Sharpe: "The Hardest Job in America Is Being Black"
OH CRY ME A RIVER you little PUSSY! Grow up and Grow some skin! Dickhead!

This was enough to get me suspended for 30 days on Facebook! Do you believe this?
Obama effectively stole our freedom of speech!

If I even MENTION Muslims in a derogatory way, even TRUE NEWS STORIES
on Facebook, I am booted for 30 days. Is this LEGAL? If so..WHY?
My new Twitter Account is @TomFreeSpeech:
DICKHEAD Rep. Lou Correa-D Calif. held an ILLEGAL ALIEN FILLED Town Hall! Trump supporters disrupt it. Assaulted.

Squatty Potty CEO: Griffin Image ‘So Divisive and So Disturbing, You Don’t Have a Decision, Really’ She's FIRED!
The MEDIA is constantly berating us calling us RACISTS...yet THEY
are the ones that invoke skin color at every turn in their reports!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

PREVIOUS FACEBOOK ACCOUNTS 'TomFrancois' and 'TomFreeSpeech' both gone.
I can't believe I created this BLOG way back in 2011, because Facebook kept kicking me
off for whatever reason they could think of! Mostly protecting Obama! There are almost
800 posts on here from back then! Well I am back to revive this Blog for reasons below.

I have been suspended time after time from Facebook for a month each time, and I am
only back on for a few days before they suspend me again! Not for threats, as I never ever
do that. No nudity. They suspend me for reporting TRUE negative reports about Muslims
or Illegal Aliens! They are the good guys, I am the bad guy in Zuckerberg's opinion! I can't
seem to win against him. Someone in Facebook has targeted me and just waits for my page
to become active again and within 3 days I am gone.  I guess maybe this is my best option
for now. Hopefully my friends will come here now and then as well as tell others about it.
We shall see how it goes. THANKS! Tom