Friday, October 21, 2011

Biden Tries To Scare 4th Graders?

Biden visited a classroom and told the children his spin on the problems facing the schools today. Biden actually told the school children that they've lost a lot of teachers, and  “We’re going to give you some money to hire them back.” He continued "In order to rehire some 400,000 teachers nationwide, along with thousands of police officers and firefighters, all that needs to be done is tax wealthy individuals at a higher rate! Take about $500 in additional taxes from someone who makes a million dollars and those jobs will come right back." Of course he laid the rest of the blame on the GOP! This Clown has some nerve!  CLICK HERE To Watch>>>Biden Scaring 4th Graders About Economic Woes?

What Is This Moron Trying To Prove?

Mexico Blaming Us For It's Criminals?

You'll Love This: President Calderon and 4 Mexican Mayors are complaining that America’s deportation of criminal illegal Aliens back to the Mexican border is causing the rise in violent crimes in their border cities, including kidnapping and other drug trade crimes! Are you joking? How about you mayors do something to keep your low life criminal citizens from illegally crossing into our country in the first place! 
Mexico Has Got Some Nerve!

Yet ANOTHER green energy scandal for Obama?

Obama's Dept of Energy has given Fisker Automotive a $525 MILLION DOLLAR loan guarantee to...are you ready for high priced electric sports cars...not here...but in Finland!!! The cars sell for just under $100,000, and they've sold 2 of them! One to Leonardo DeCaprio...and the second, to Fisker heavy investor Al Gore! Yet Obama blames the GOP for blocking job creations here! When is this going to stop!

Two Cars Cost US Taxpayers $250 Million Each!

Clinton and Karzai Ridicule Cain!

Witch Hillary Clinton, who happens to drive a stick (A Broom!) had the gall to make fun of Herman Cain to Karzai, who also laughed about Cain..."the pizza guy"! Who the hell does she or he think he is? Unbelievable behavior for the setting! Or any setting for that matter!
She Should Talk!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gadhafi Killed! Another Piece Of Garbage...Taken Out!

Not many will be mourning this dictator's passing. Obama is already taking credit, even though the Revolutionary Forces Rebels did the actual killing!

"Come on...get outta there you little chicken!"

Wall Street Protestors Being Paid!

Community Organizer Movement "Working Families Party" made up of far left liberals. environmentalists, labor unions, and social justice advocates, is paying $300 to $650 per week to losers who will join the Wall Street Protest. I'm sure Obama has some money invested there as well!

Corporations Supply All Their Little Toys and Gadgets!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Obama Defends the Anti-USA Protestors!

Yelling "Fu*k the USA, defecating on police cars, sex in the streets, desecrating our Flag, looting businesses after causing them to shut down by blocking traffic, anti-semites spewing hate for Jews, and worst of all, not recognizing that though Wall Street is part of the blame, Obama is the one that took millions from Wall Street donations, AND then bailed them out! They should all migrate over to the White House lawn where they belong! And Obama, Pelosi and gang support this! But they called Tea Party members terrorists and racists! Please help me make sense of this!
No one there objected to this! True Americans!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"Dear Lord...Please...Please Help Us!"

What has happened to the morals of our country? God help us! Will we ever get them back? Can we reverse the damage that the secular liberal mongrels have created? I pray every day that we can! It will be a very very hard and possibly bloody fight! They...the enemy...has no problem whatsoever using violence, crime, and threats to further their agenda. We just may have to fight fire with fire if we want to prevail!

$3 Million Dollars Per Minute! Outragious!

WHAT IS THIS? $50 Thousand Dollars for every second of every day...$3 Million Dollars for every minute of every day...$170 Million Dollars for every hour of every day...$4 BILLION DOLLARS EVERY SINGLE DAY (That's $4,000,000,000,000)?...WELL...that is how much ADDITIONAL DEBT that Obama has added to our deficit in his 1000 days in far totaling over $4 TRILLION DOLLARS and counting!
Handout, Handouts, and More Handouts!

Monday, October 17, 2011

What is Obama's BIGGEST Concern Right Now?

What is Obama's BIGGEST Concern Right Now? Is it the fact that the country is going down the drain financially and morally? Is it the fact that people are protesting in major cities, breaking laws and causing chaos? Is it the fact that things overseas are beyond the boiling point and anything can happen at any time? Is it the fact that his own staff is corrupt and under investigation for things like Fast and Furious and Solyndra? The answer is NO! His main concern right now is Re-Election! That's it! That's why he is on a campaign bus tour RIGHT NOW for the next three days, on OUR dime! Need I say more?

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Pipe Dream Of The Liberal Obama-mites!

The Liberals had a Pipe Dream...turned into a Wet Dream...and ended up a Nightmare!
Notice both ends of the pipe are shut off! That pretty much says it all! Nothing of any value gets in...nothing that makes any sense at all...gets out!

Iranians Launch Their Very First Destroyer!

"Let's Go Get Those Infidels!"

What Is One Israeli Soldier Worth Today?