Saturday, July 16, 2011

Wake up please! Wake up!

You need to put that kool aid down and join reality! We are on a collision course with monumental disaster, much of which we may not be able to return from, all because of this "idea" you love so much, named Barack Hussein Obama. You and people who think like you are like a huge flock of sheep, totally mesmerized by something that isn't real, all while the wolves are sneaking up behind you!


"FOR SALE" One slightly used, sometimes abused, 'President of the United States' position. BEST OFFER! HIGHEST BIDDER! Obama thinks he can still "PURCHASE" a second term in the White House. He is vehemently campaigning, raking in HUGE donations from Rich left wing activists, including of course, Hollywood! You know, those rich people who get tax loopholes in return!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Obama's Time Is Coming! Soon!

Obama and his loyal followers have built a house of cards, based on Lies and Spin and Race Baiting! It will all fall down around them come November 2012, and the crash will be heard "Round the World", and Justice will have been served! We will then sweep up the carnage, and rebuild this Wonderful Nation better than ever before!

"Gunner-Gate" Impeachable Offense!

"GUNNER-GATE" That's what I call it! WANTED: Barrack Hussein Obama and Eric (never let a good crisis go to waste) Holder! For MURDER! Also for aiding and abetting the enemy! A treasonous offense! Forget the Birth Certificate! Impeach Obama and throw Holder in the moat with the alligators! (We're STILL waiting on those)
ps It might have been Rahm (Dead Fish) Emanuel's quote about the crisis...same difference!) 

The Left and the Media...same thing!

The OUTRAGE was deafening!!! The media would not let it go! It was breaking and entering for God's sake! NO ONE DIED! The left didn't let up until Nixon was GONE! That's fine! But where is the outrage of the left and media over Obama and Holder being responsible for at least 2 American deaths...maybe more...and arming the enemy to boot? The silence is DEAFENING! Get some balls and do your jobs NBC, CBS, and ABC!

GunnerGate not impeachable? I beg to differ!

But it won't be easy! Watergate forced Nixon to step down! He didn't kill anyone! However, Obama's "GunnerGate" cost the lives of at least 2 US agents! The media hated Nixon, but is in the sack with Obama. The media won't report the truth fearing they'll hurt their little "cry baby" Obama! Not only will they not report the facts, they will spin it into the GOP making up sh*t to "hurt Obama...cause he's black, you know" DISGUSTING!

Obama's Civilian Security Force...coming soon!

Well, we knew it wouldn't be long. Obama needed to procure full time positions for his SEIU union brown shirt goose stepping thugs, and his "Poll Watcher" New Black Panther Homies! They won't even need training...they can start work immediately! All Hail Chairman Mao-Bama and Queen "Chelly"! Coming to a city near you!

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Anyone that doesn't believe the Democrats are the "TAX & SPEND" Party ...consider this! In the debt limit talks Obama and the Democrats want to (1) Raise the debt limit so they can spend more of our money (2) Raise taxes on the rich so they can spend more of their money (3) Absolutely don't want to cut spending...which again allows them to spend more of OUR money! Get it? Got it? Good!

Yet ANOTHER Obama Lie Exposed!

 Obama's Tale About His Mother Being Denied Health Insurance Debunked! Yet ANOTHER of Obama's "EXAGGERATIONS" he deliberately put "out there" to promote his ridiculous "OBAMA-don't-CARE"! When will he be held accountable? Dead silence from his loyal followers and enablers! 
Read the article:

Did YOU know that Jesus was a SLAVE to Allah???

Fellow Christians, do you believe this? Muslims are "quoting" Jesus as saying "I am indeed a SLAVE of Allah, Allah is my Lord and your Lord, So worship Him Alone". Are you freaking kidding me? Who the hell are these people? They go on to say Jesus was the same as Adam...created by GOD. Someone please take the kool aid away from these people! This sign was posted in Jerusalem right next to the spot where Jesus fell while carrying the cross.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How much plainer do you need it to be?

Anyone that doesn't believe the Democrats are the "TAX & SPEND" Party ...consider this! In the current debt limit talks Obama and the Democrats want to (1) Raise the debt limit so they can spend more of our money (2) Raise taxes on the rich so they can spend more of their money (3) Absolutely don't want to cut spending...which again allows them to spend more of OUR money! Got it?

Obama's first big "FOUNDATION" Lie!

He built his candidacy on a foundation of lies! This was without a doubt Obama's BIGGEST lie perpetrated on we the American people...over and over and over again for more than a year before he got elected...yes, elected based on a myriad of lies he told during his campaign! Liberal's memories are very short term, and they probably don't even remember this!

Remember this lie by Obama? Trying to pass his Obamacare.

OBAMA: “For my mother to die of cancer at the age of 53 and have to spend the last months of her life in a hospital room arguing with insurance companies because they’re saying that this may be a preexisting condition and they don’t have to pay her treatment, there’s something fundamentally wrong about that." LIE! LIE! LIE! She was FULLY covered!

Note to TSA: Don't grope my child!

Liberals at airports say "search away, if it keeps us safe" Search away my ass! If it made any sense at all, I might agree! But I've actually watched the TSA pull an old grandma out of the line for their "random" search, when the person behind her was a young Muslim man in full garb, and he just walked by! THAT IS INSANE!! Keep your grubby hands off me unless you're going to play fair

Bill Maher's MILF comment sums up his IQ

Just where IS the line that you don't cross? Apparently, it's an invisible line to left wing liberal idiot comedians. No surprise here from Maher. He probably thinks of his mother as MILF. Who knows for sure? But the surprising thing was the admission by Uber Liberal Bob Beckel that there indeed IS a double standard, and liberals would have burned his house down and hung him by his cohones! And listen to loser Piers Morgan laughing at Maher's comment!

btw, there will be some who view this and say MILF? What's that? Well, "Mothers I'd Like To F*CK" sums it up.

Tax the Rich! but not Liberals with big bucks!

Tax the rich...Tax the rich! But only rich Conservatives! Not Hollywood stars or other liberals with big bucks! According to wingnut liberals like Nancy Pe-lousy, there are NO rich liberals! She's a multimillionaire, but she doesn't consider that rich...because liberals are "entitled" to that money...and yours too for that matter!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

There may not be hope for some Liberals...

As for anyone that wants to defend Obama still, after all that's been revealed, I say bring it on! I can and will win every argument with them because my debate will be based on facts, not "feelings"! Sad thing is I also believe many of them KNOW they made a mistake, but are still willing to give this clown a pass! Now THAT...I cannot understand! Therapy and medication MIGHT help them!

You CANNOT negotiate with MORONS!

Those liberal morons in Washington couldn't even pass a budget when they OWNED Washington with SUPER MAJORITIES in the House AND Senate, and the most liberal clown ever in the oval Office! Why should we even expect them to TRY to negotiate this with us with any sensibility whatsoever!?

No...Bush DIDN"T start it! SORRY!

We must not forget that the last 2 years of Bush's Presidency, was owned lock, stock and barrel by the MAJORITY Democrats. Remember they took over damn near all of the House and Senate in 2006? Now liberals cry that Bush got us into this. People need to tell them the facts of the matter! The last 2 years of Bush, and 2 years under Obama with SUPER MAJORITIES...makes 4 years of America declining, and no change in sight! You know, Change you can believe in!

How Obama named his health care plan...

How Obama came up with the Health Care name: It was REALLY tough for him, being so educated and all! He said "let's see's health care..I like that!.Ok, so that's a lot to remember, so let's just say "care". But wait...I have to get full credit for how do I do do I do...I've got it! My name! Obama-Care..yippee, I've done it! Wait, where have I heard that before..oh crap.."Hillary-Care"!!

If Debt Ceiling talks's on OBAMA"S head!

Obama's blaming the GOP for no debt deal! WHAT? Here's what Obama said coming in. TOTALLY OFF LIMITS: Obamacare, Any leftover Stimulus, Hi Speed rail, entitlements, National Institutes of Health, and of course, Education...PERIOD! Well, that certainly gives the GOP a lot to work with! Let it be known...if the talks fail, it will be entirely on OBAMA"S head!

There's not a more DIABOLICAL team than Obama/Holder!

The FACTS are trickling in! Looks like Obama and Holder devised a diabolical plan that would vilify Arizona Gun Dealers, and create an atmosphere ripe for the two of them to pass sweeping gun restriction legislation, aided by disgust from US citizens! They told AZ gun dealers to allow cartel straw buyers to buy guns and take them to Mexico! Holder would then "find" these weapons there and blame the gun dealers!

Obama's TOTAL DISRESPECT for the American people!

I mean this Obama character, he thinks we are all ignorant juveniles! He talks down to us like we're his children! What the hell do you mean "eat your peas and like em" or "just tear off the band aid and get it over with" or "next, they'll be asking for a moat...and some alligators"! I'm 61, and NEVER have I heard another President talk to the American citizens like that! NEVER!

OBAMA: "The Great Uniter" My Ass!

I just wonder if it's possible for Obama to divide and polarize us any more than he has to date! Never in my life have I seen ANYTHING like this! I've lost former friends, and even can't talk politics with a few in my family! The divide is INCREDIBLE! Obama has turned this country into a nation of hate! The "great uniter" MY ASS!

Scare Tactics? That's all you've got?

Scare tactics...that's all you've got Obama? People aren't buying it anymore! They now know just how much money you and you're liberal cohorts waste on your special interests, and we know that the Government will survive if we don't raise the debt ceiling! You will HAVE to continue SS payments, or suffer the wrath of your own party! Time to pay for priorities and dumb the rest!

Obama Plays the Social Security Scare Card!

President Barack Obama just told CBS News's that Social Security benefit checks are in jeopardy if Congress doesn't raise the debt limit by August 2nd. "I cannot guarantee that those checks go out on August 3rd if we haven't resolved this issue, because there may simply not be the money in the coffers to do it," he said. HOOEY! Stop sending money to your special interests Obama! There'll be PLENTY!

Please tell me this isn't true!

Senate Republicans Considering Back-Door Debt Ceiling Increase...WHAT? don't even THINK about it! You people were put in office last November for the specific purpose of stopping the insane spending and debt increase! You back down from that and you are gone! It's that simple! We want people with a spine in office now!  Click link below:

Where's the razor wire?

QUESTION: Where is the razor wire? worried about "hurting" someone? There's razor wire around all government facilities keeping "Americans" out, and prisons keeping them in! What's the problem? This illegal climbed the new Nogales fence in 30 seconds! If he encountered razor wire, that's a different story! Let's do it right or forget the whole thing!  

Hey Obama...we're not infants! Who do you think you are?

Obama's "condescending" attitude towards you and me! He says we need to "eat our peas" like it or not! He says "peel the band-aid off quick" so we won't feel the pain of increased taxes! I have some home remedies for him, and they don't involve peas or band-aids! How DARE he talk down to us like we're infants! Just who the hell does he think he is?

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Democrats Need Their Fix!

The Democrats are really pissed! GOP won't give in to tax hikes, and it's like we're taking liberal's toys away from them! They've resorted to they're old standby with name calling and demonizing! They say we are "Hezbollah" and like "Suicide Bombers"! It's all they have! THEY WANT THEIR TAX HIKES...DAMN IT! They need to spend spend spend! It's an addiction they refuse to break!

Obama's Homies!

The Obama administration is set to begin formal contacts with the Muslim Brotherhood, a group dedicated in its own words to “eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within, and sabotaging its miserable house.” Well Of course he is! Those are his homies! Always have been. Always will be! He is so transparent it's pathetic!

Houston, we've got a HUGE problem!

352 TONS of drugs confiscated each year near Nogales, and we only catch less than half, so double that amount in attempts! More than 1000 Illegal Aliens per day try to cross there. A full 2/3rds of ALL drugs coming to the US are from our southern border! More than 20,000 lives have been lost on the Mexican side at the border in 5 years! And counting! Obama...where the hell are you?

Obama and Holder's Scheme for more gun control legislation!

THE UNMITIGATED GALL! of Obama and Holder! First they issue a scathing report vilifying Arizona gun dealers because most of the guns found in Mexico came from them! Then we discover that the Az gun dealers were forced by Obama and Holder to sell IN BULK to the Cartels! Talk about a setup! They wanted to get more gun control legislation through at our expense! And they ALMOST got away with it...but for a Patriotic whistle blower!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Get your broadband internet for only $350,000.00 per household!

Obama's $787 BILLION stimulus, still at work! Are you ready? He spent...get this...$7.2 BILLION dollars to provide Broadband internet for rural areas in Montana, Kansas, and Minnesota! Final cost PER HOUSEHOLD...sit down, get your barf bag ready...$349,234 PER HOUSEHOLD! Did you get that? And some of those households had 3G coverage already with their phones! OK, get a new bag ready...if you count ONLY those homes that had NO internet coverage at all before, he spent a grand total of  $7,000,000...that's seven MILLION dollars per household! Now there's a guy who knows how to handle our money!

Americans! Please Wake Up!

WAKE UP AMERICANS! This is TRULY Unbelievable! We have Mexicans climbing over our NEW fence, snubbing their noses and laughing at us, and we've got the President of the United States Barack Hussein Obama (excuse me, I just threw up a little) snubbing HIS nose and LAUGHING as us as well! Just how long are we going to tolerate this atrocity?

SHOCKER!!! Something UPLIFTING...from ME!

This was really uplifting and Patriotic! By the way, notice all the people that kept on shopping as if nothing was happening? Liberals! They don't like Patriotic holidays. They claim all those celebrations are for is to recruit more Conservatives. Well, if that's true...GREAT! Can't wait for Memorial Day!

How do you like YOUR new Chevy Volt?

You really think GM takeover by Chairman Mao-Bama is a success story? We the people...the taxpayers are keeping GM afloat! One case in point. Obama to Behemoth GE: You change your fleet of cars to Chevy Volts, and I (like it's HIS money!) will give GE huge Tax breaks and incentives to make it worth your while! Folks, all those Chevy Volts belong to US!

Am I Awake? Is this really happening?

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG....please pinch me! Am I awake? Is all this really happening? I just heard Duuuuh-Bama say this about RAISING taxes...serious! Taxes and Tax revenue are the lowest ever! Like "what's the problem with raising them?" YOU IDIOT...TAX REVENUES ARE AT ROCK BOTTOM BECAUSE NO ONE'S WORKING!!!!! Oh Lord, please make it stop!

My New plan for Mexican Illegal Aliens and Liberals!

OK LIBERALS, here's the new plan! Since you love Mexican Illegal Aliens so much, we are going to form a squad that will wait along the fence for ILLEGAL ALIENS to jump over, put them in buses, and deliver them safely to your homes! Two Mexicans per household please. There you can feed, bathe, and medicate them to your hearts content, & we'll all be happy...especially us!